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Winter Skincare Routine - Our Top Tips & Favourite Products

It’s cold, it’s damp, it’s winter and it’s wreaking havoc on our skin!

Winter is the time to change up your regime to include natural beauty products that tackle dryness, redness and flakiness. Taking the time to create some easy skincare rituals that are effective, made with high quality natural and organic ingredients that smell beautiful can also have a really positive impact on our wellbeing during those dark, dull wintry days. 

Read on to discover our favourite winter skincare products that are all cruelty free and made with natural and organic ingredients. 

Slough off flaky skin with…

A gentle exfoliator. It’s tempting to give your skin a really aggressive scrub when you’ve got those annoying flaky patches but this can increase redness and exacerbate the issue so we’d recommend choosing a more gentle exfoliator. We love the Codex one from their Bia collection which is so gentle it can be used every single day. It’s formulated with jojoba seeds that are cut diagonally rather than straight to reduce the abrasiveness of their naturally exfoliating properties and milk thistle with its wound healing properties can help banish damage from being exposed to the harsh elements during winter. Elderflower also helps with the treatment of dry skin. 

Treat cracked skin with…

A balm. Whether it’s cracked lips, knuckles, chapped cheeks, or that bit of skin between your forefinger and thumb that we never know the name of, a multi purpose balm can help you through the cold early morning commute. This honey and vanilla balm from Bumi Naturals can be used for all of these ailments and more. It’s quite a dry balm when applied which means it doesn’t create a greasy feeling on the skin or leave you tempted to continually rub your lips and create more dryness. It smells incredible and genuinely feels like you’re feeding and protecting your skin.

Avoid parched skin with…

Having a cooler bath or shower. Cranking up the hot water during winter can make getting out of bed in the mornings a whole lot easier but it can do more damage than good to our skin leaving it super parched. If you have to have a hot soak, moisturise immediately afterwards or use a multi tasking product in the bath that hydrates whilst you relax like the Palm of Feronia elixir which has an uplifting fragrance and provides incredible nourishment to the skin. Either drizzle it into the bath and let the steam enhance the beautiful natural aroma of this organic oil blend or apply onto the skin after a shower. 

Breathe easily with…

A natural decongestant. Pebble magazine recently featured our favourite winter skincare product and the Silvan Skincare Breathe balm was our first choice. With a shea butter and jojoba oil base, this naturally vegan balm is really hydrating (perfect for red, sore noses) but the organic rosemary camphor and eucalyptus also provide natural decongestant properties. Keep a pot handy on your desk at work to inhale from or pop a dollop in the bath and clear your airways naturally. 

Cocoon your skin with…

A cleansing balm. Using a richer or less astringent cleanser can help minimise the feeling of tightness and can also provide support for your skin barrier to help prevent moisture loss. We love AD Skin Synergy’s Cleansing Balm for leaving our skin feeling gently cleansed, nourished and protected. It’s made with 100% organic organic ingredients including beeswax to protect the skin barrier and provide antibacterial cleansing, the organic rosehip oil contains vitamin A so not only will it provide anti ageing benefits but will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydrated skin. By being blended with naturally balancing organic jojoba oil, it’s suitable for all skin types. 

Enrich your day cream with…

Oils. Supercharge your regular moisturiser with a facial oil to get some added nourishment. Our favourite supercharging facial oil is the 100% organic oil avocado and evening primrose oil from True Skincare. Both of these ingredients are fantastic for your winter skincare regime because they are both high in omega fatty acids which hydrate but also combat dark circles and brighten the under eye area. 

Treat yourself with…

A mask. We prefer powder masks so that you can mix up the exact quantities you need, limiting waste, and can tailor them to your specific skincare needs depending on what ingredients you mix them with. The SoapNskin chickpea and turmeric mask is particularly unique because it’s a powder mask that doesn’t have a clay base. Clay is good for detoxifying but if you let it dry on your skin it can hinder more than it can help. With a chickpea and yoghurt powder base, the soapNskin mask is incredibly gentle on the skin so won’t strip it too much during the winter whilst the turmeric softens and boosts radiance. 

Boost skin hydration with…

A facial spritz. Drinking enough water to maintain your skin’s hydration is just as important in winter as it is in summer but if you want some flash hydration on the surface of the skin, then a refreshing facial spritz could be your new winter skincare essential. We’re huge fans of the Terre Verdi rose facial spritz which smells absolutely incredible and contains 100% organic rose flower water for gentle hydration as well as anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. You can either use it as a toner or keep it in your bag or on your desk for enjoying a very decadent spritz on the go. 

Whilst we hope the pages are informative it’s important to remember we’re organic beauty enthusiasts not scientists so the information is detailed here to the best of our knowledge or research we have conducted from third parties.  Whilst we are continually updating our content based on new research, it may not always be up to date and as such it is the readers responsibility to conduct their own research in order to independently verify the information and make an informed decision on their beauty regime/lifestyle. Any opinion expressed on the efficacy of a product is based on tests performed by our team. As everyone has different skin types and concerns, please be advised that what works for them might not work for you but we try to give as much subjective information as possible which we hope you will find useful. If in any doubt, please consult a medical professional. 

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