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Wendy & Kelly | Meadow Skincare

Here at Blomma Beauty we love to bring products and brands to life by telling the stories of how they came to be so we can fully appreciate the love, sweat and passion that goes into each and every batch of bountiful plant-based skincare.

We sat down with Co-Founders Wendy and Kelly who founded Meadow Skincare 3 years ago to understand where their story started and what it takes to formulate high quality, naturally fragranced skincare that takes us to the spa with every use. 

 MEadow SKincare Founders

How did you get started in the beauty industry?

    It took 2 years to perfect our formulations. Once we were happy with them and we’d had them tested we launched our website and started out doing small fairs and beauty shows and private parties for friends and family.

    How did Meadow Skincare start?  

    We met in 2012 at the school gates and became fast friends, connected by our children and a mutual interest in our local tearoom! (Coffee and cake got us through the pre-school years!) We have followed similar paths in life, both working in the city in our 20’s and both working as therapists in our 30’s (Wendy as a massage therapist and Kelly as a psychotherapist). Kelly has always been obsessed by skincare and is a qualified skincare formulator.

    We decided in 2017 to combine forces and begin a journey to create a capsule collection of multi-tasking skincare, initially for Wendy’s pre-natal massage clients. Our best-selling product, Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm started out as a treatment for baby bumps and continues to be a popular multi-tasking product and an important inclusion in our capsule collection.

    What is the story behind your brand name?

    It took forever to come up with a suitable name. A lot of the names we wanted to use had already been taken! We wanted something to reflect the 100% natural products we are using in our formulations.  My mum suggested Meadow and we loved it straight away!

    What is your brand’s ethos?

    We were disheartened with big beauty brands claiming that their products were natural, when on closer inspection, there were minimal natural ingredients and they were greenwashing. It’s common practice in the beauty industry so we wanted our brand to be as honest and transparent as possible so that customers know exactly what’s in their skincare and where it comes from.

    Through Meadow Skincare we aim to inspire a moment of calm, self-care and great skin for those who can feel their skin needs gentle, but still effective solutions as their lifestyle and body is changing through age, menopause or stress. We use plant-based ingredients to create incredible textures, scents and results to lift your spirits and transform your day and night-time skincare routine. A daily ritual that becomes an enjoyable, relaxing treat rather than a chore.

    Describe your brand in 3 words.

    Sustainable, 100% natural, honest.

    What is your most popular product and why?

    Our Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm because it’s effective at treating very dry skin conditions, such as eczema.  It’s also a naturally beautiful colour!

    Meadow Skincare Hydration Balm

    What would be the 3 products you’d recommend to someone who is trying the brand for the first time?

    Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm, Calm and Soothe Face Mask, Overnight Replenishing Oil

    What hints/tips do you have for using your products?

    They’re all multi-tasking and a little bit goes a long way.  We like mixing the cleansing balm with the facial exfoliant for a deeper exfoliating experience and we also like using the moisturising balm on our heels for baby soft feet!  A few drops of the Overnight Replenishing Oil works wonders on frizzy hair too.

    What are your top 3 skincare tips?

    Always cleanse your face even if you have time for nothing else, particularly if you wear make-up or SPF, keep hydrated and try a bit of facial massage when applying your products.

    Do you have any certifications or awards that our customers should be aware of? 

    We won 2 commendation awards from the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020 for our Overnight Replenishing Oil and our Gently Resurfacing Facial Exfoliant.

    How are you standing out from the crowd?

    I think transparency and honesty helps us to stand out. We do this by being very clear about what’s in our formulations and where we source them. We also try to show our customers who we are, the people behind the brand – putting faces to the name. We feel this is really important in connecting with customers and building loyalty and trust. 

    How do you source your ingredients?

    We very carefully source our ingredients from a handful of suppliers who buy directly from source.  We always make sure our ingredients are sustainably sourced, organic where possible and that our oils are unrefined and cold-pressed.  We also source local, British products where possible too.

    How are your products made?

    We make all our products ourselves in our apothecary kitchen. They are blended and poured by me or Wendy.

    How long does it take you to develop new products?

    We’re perfectionists so it can take months for us to be 100% happy with a product before we sign it off for testing. Wendy and I both have to love it too, the texture, the smell and most importantly the efficacy.

    How are you tackling sustainability?

      Our business has always focused on sustainability from the beginning. We strive to keep our carbon footprint small by making earth-friendly decisions such as using local suppliers where possible (our premium lavender is sourced from the village we live in!). Our glass jars are infinitely recyclable, and we have set-up a program with Recycled UK Ltd so customers can return their lids to us in a prepaid envelope for recycling. We don’t use external packaging for our bottles and jars, as it immediately ends up in the bin!  We use cardboard and paper shredding for our packaging material and we provide wooden spoons instead of plastic spatulas to use with our balms. We also love to create multi-tasking products, so you don’t need to buy unnecessary items.

      What have been your biggest successes so far?

      Having customers coming back time and time again for our products is our biggest achievement and of course winning our 2 awards!

      What’s been your biggest learning?

      I don’t think you ever stop learning. We learn new things every day, but for Wendy and I patience is our biggest learning.  Don’t expect too much too soon. 

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