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How To Have a More Conscious Christmas

What do you think of when you hear the word, ‘Christmas?’ It’s a time synonymous with so many things: hot chocolates and cosy blankets, family meet ups and festive decorations, foodie indulgences and gifts under the tree. In many ways, this Christmas is going to be extremely different. Plans for where we’ll spend Christmas and who we’re spending it with are all a bit up in the air, and there is a big question mark over where and how we’ll get the Christmas shopping done in time. 

If this difficult and unprecedented year has taught us anything, however, it’s that compassion prevails. This year at Blomma Beauty, we’re using Christmas as a time to showcase love and kindness to not just our friends and family, but also to our wider communities and mother nature herself. Drawing inspiration from our recent podcast episode with Sue Campbell - founder of plastic-free shampoo and conditioner bar brand Kind2 - and Georgina Wilson-Powell - founder of sustainable lifestyle magazine, Pebble - we’re hoping to spread ethically-minded Christmas tips to all, whether you’re an ethical Xmas newbie, or a seasoned sustainable consumer, to ensure as smooth a Christmas 2020 will allow.

Mindful Gifting 

wooden table with holly and white leaves and brown box with skincare inside


At Christmas, many of us may feel a certain pressure to shower our loved ones in gifts as a sign of affection, maxing out our cards on the newest and shiniest thing in the shop. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with treating your friends and family, one good thing that has emerged from the pandemic is a growing appreciation and awareness of small businesses - and with that, more ethical places to splash your cash. Many of these small businesses can provide the perfect sentimental and unique gifts for you to surprise your loved ones with this Christmas. Here at Blomma Beauty, we’re offering a gorgeous selection of natural beauty gift sets - from stocking fillers, such as Meadow Skincare’s Hand Repair Set, to extra special under-the-tree presents, such as Bumi Naturals Vegan Cleanse and Repair set. We also stock natural candles - because who doesn’t love a candle in the cold winter months? Although perfect for any time of year, the Calm Candle by Bumi Naturals, and Moonlight Candle by Magic Organic Apothecary make for truly thoughtful Christmas gifts. 

For gifts outside of the skincare and self-care realm, the UK Small Business Directory can find excellent small businesses ready to win you over with their stock. Alternatively, you could make your own gifts - be that baked goods, or something that puts your arts and crafts skills to test, something personal and from-the-heart like a home-made present is sure to impress this Christmas.

Shopping with sustainability in mind is also a great way to enhance gifting even beyond Christmas. Studies have shown that the excitement we gain after receiving something new diminishes over time, and we get urges to buy something else to experience the thrill of newness again. So gifting something unique and purposely built to last, unlike anything made cheaply and quickly, will be like the gift that keeps on giving, and your gift will be a sentimental reminder of you for years to come.

2020 has proved a difficult year for many, and those less fortunate have been relying on charities to help them. Gifting charity donations is a lovely way to ensure the love is spread even further, or donating your time to charities, food banks and shelters this festive season is a great way to give all members of your community a merry Christmas.

Wrapping and Decorations 

cut out paper family with twinkling lights behind


With these beautiful ethical gifts you’re getting, you’ll need something equally beautiful and ethical to wrap them in. Many big supermarkets have opted to ditch the glitter in their wrapping paper this year, which is excellent in that it makes the paper easier to recycle at home. However with recycling in mind, re-using old gift bags and wrapping paper is a clever and mindful way to present your gifts - it might also spark a new family tradition too! In our ‘How to Have a Conscious Christmas’ podcast episode, Georgina put forward her idea of making your own wrapping paper. She uses potato stamps to decorate her old newspaper-turned-wrapping paper, but you could also use DIY stencils or draw some pretty artwork to decorate your home-made wrapping. 

In a move that seems very primary-school-art-class-esque, you could also make your own decorations this year. Creating the always simple-but-effective paper snowflakes or paper chains, perhaps again from old newspaper, are fab things to do to keep young ones occupied, or take it to the next level with this fantastic idea from Country Living - using old coffee filters to make contemporary Christmas garlands. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, stockings, tree decorations and table decor made from old or unused garments you may have around the house make for beautiful finishing touches to your Christmas decorating - and would be lovely gifts too. 

The All Important Christmas Dinner 

red knife fork spoon inside red santa hat


Many of us enjoy indulging a little at Christmas - and it’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of! Who’s to blame when every supermarket is filled to the brim with delicious novelty snacks, spectacular festive desserts and mouth-watering Christmas dinner centrepieces? Last year, more than five million Brits celebrated their first meatless Christmas, according to the Vegan Society, while 24% catered for plant-based or veggie diets. With 56% of UK shoppers purchasing with vegan practices in mind, and every top UK supermarket now stocking its own plant-based range, it wouldn’t be a shock to see more accessible vegan options on our shelves this Christmas, making it easier than ever to have an ethical feast this festive season.

However, with all the exciting food offerings Christmastime brings, with it comes a lot of unfortunate food waste. Approximately 7million tonnes of food is wasted each Christmas in the UK, so it’s wise to make a shopping list you’ll stick to - no matter how tempting the discounts and deals that may be on. Using up leftover food on Boxing Day - or beyond, if possible - is a fantastic way to make sure all food is used up.

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