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Summer Beauty Must Haves

Whether you fastidiously prep for summer with a complete overhaul of your skincare regime or are looking for products that give you that summer glow without the hassle, our range of organic, natural, vegan and ethical beauty brands have got some incredible options. 

Read on for our favourite summer beauty buys! 

Best for banishing oily skin

The heat and humidity can prompt our skin to produce excess sebum. Rather than stripping the skin, it's a good idea to look for products that focus on keeping your skin balanced. Hydrating any dry areas and working in harmony with our skin's natural sebum on the oilier areas. 

Terre Verdi's Herbs and Trees Balancing Serum is fantastic at balancing the skin. We generally say that it's ideal for oily skin types when using all year round, but if you find yourself getting shinier in summer, this could be the ideal solution. It's got an argan and camellia oil base which are both dry oils that penetrate the skin easily without residue, sebum-like jojoba oil to nourish and balance and then astringent frankincense and tea tree oils to tone and prevent blocked pores. It's certified organic by The Soil Association too. 

Best for detoxing the skin

Whether you want to detox the skin after its winter hibernation, slough off dry skin, or calm and soothe the complexion after too much sun, certified organic and essential oil free skincare brand Casa Mencarelli's Sicilia Green Clay and Lemon Mask and Scrub is the perfect summer pick me up. It is rich in unique minerals from the uncontaminated Clay pits of Sicily and antioxidants from the organic lemon peel powder giving you a really gentle detoxing effect. Helping to extract toxins from the skin, remove dead skin cells, minimise the pores and improve your complexion. 

Best for insect bites

Those pesky midges, flies and mosquitoes can pounce at any moment and when they do the itching can be unbearable. Luckily Magic Organic Apothecary's Green Balm is your summer staple. With soothing and healing yarrow and anti septic, cooling tea tree to keep itching at bay and aid repair. This little green pot of magic is our travel essential because you can also use it to soothe sunburn, as a cleanser and a moisturiser so whether you're staycationing, heading to the UK for a city break in a heatwave or visiting family and friends, this little pot will come in really handy. 

Best for sun damaged skin

Let's be honest, we've all caught the sun by mistake at some point in our lives. If you want to avoid mainstream aftersuns when you're feeling the burn, why not reach for a salve or a balm like Silvan Skincare's Rescue Balm which is made with organic ingredients and certified by The Vegan Society. It includes pomegranate oil which is particularly soothing for sun damaged skin and helps to reduce inflamed skin and regenerate new skin production. There's also chickweed which is great for calming itchy skin, calendula for its soothing properties and lavender which is an all-round wonderful ingredient for sore skin. 

Best for glowing legs 

It can take a bit of courage to go bare legged when it starts warming up. After months of hibernation, skin might be dull and flaky and introducing potentially a more regular grooming routine can cause dryness and irritation too. Luckily Bumi Naturals' have got us covered. Their Body Polish with poppy seed, lavender and hemp will help to boost circulation and slough away any dryness and their silky vitamin packed Body Butter with avocado, hemp and shea melts into the skin keeping it hydrated and glowing all day long. 

Best for soft and supple feet

At the end of a humid day your feet can feel puffy and your legs heavy. There is nothing more pampering than a cooling foot soak with Magic Organic Apothecary's Fortifying Bath Potion. Just pop a few drops into a bowl or a bucket with some cold water and soak your feet for 20 minutes. It's full of peppermint and fennel to ease aching muscles and put the spring back in your step. Then give them a bit of a scrub and clean off and finish with the green balm (above) which is an amazing foot balm due to antiseptic tea tree and soothing yarrow. 

If you'd like to hear more about summer skincare then check out our Ask the Experts videos below for some extra skincare tips!