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Blomma Beauty Review | Beautyfolio

Beautyfolio is a green and natural beauty blog written by the lovely Emma who we just love working with. She's a regular customer of ours and she always gives such honest reviews, choosing products that are suited to her skin type. Be sure to subscribe to her blog as there are so many incredible brands that are featured. Plus she has a special affiliate offer for her readers for discount off our store! 

In her latest blog she's reviewed our entire store! Here's just one of the many lovely things she had to say: 

"With so many incredible natural beauty brands on the market, finding fantastic products is relatively easy yet finding amazing places to buy a selection of different brands is a difficult task that Blomma Beauty have just made so much easier."

It makes us very happy to know that all the hard work that goes in to curating our collection of independent organic beauty brands is paying off! If you'd like to learn more about our range of organic beauty products why not join our Beauty & Wellbeing Community for access to free guides, content, webinars and more.