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Inspiring Small Businesses | Squirrels & Bears

Squirrels & Bears have been running a blog series all about small business founders to help inspire and motivate other sup and coming small business owners. I was delighted to sit down with them and talk through the story of how Blomma Beauty started, who my inspiration has been (spoiler alert - 2 very entrepreneurial parents!), what's been most challenging about trying to keep my business going during the pandemic and what advice I'd offer any budding entrepreneur. 

It's not often I put myself out there as the face of my business but actually this has been my biggest learning from the pandemic and it's been great getting to know customers old and new as well as share my expertise on organic skincare with our followers and community. Here are a few snippets from the Squirrels and Bears article so you can get to know my company a little better! 

What's the story behind your business?

I started Blomma Beauty in the summer of 2018. I had personally made the switch to an organic beauty regime and found it quite difficult to access the same variety of brands compared to those you find in a conventional beauty hall. The process also lacked a lot of the fun discovery experience you get with mainstream beauty because organic and natural beauty was pretty under represented in beauty stores, health food shops lacked the beauty expertise and advice and buying blind online led to a lot of wasted products that weren’t right for my skin.

I’d been a retail buyer for several years, starting my career in the aftermath of the recession and so had seen first hand how brands and retailers needed to adapt to the demise of the high street and the increase in online shopping so rather than starting my own beauty brand I tried to connect with the founders of some of my favourite brands and pitched the concept to them which was hosting pop up events focussed purely on natural beauty. We held 2 events in 2018 and then scaled that up to 11 in 2019 with us rounding off the year with a month long pop up that featured a schedule of different events and experiences.

Our goal is to have a permanent studio space that’s constantly changing, it’s not just products sitting on a shelf waiting to be bought but the products are the centre of the interactive experiences we’ll have, from organic facials to DIY skincare workshops and everything in between. We offer our customers a curated collection of thoroughly vetted natural and organic brands and the chance to delve deeper into the products, the brands and the founders behind them by bringing some of that beauty hall experience to the organic beauty industry! 

What is the best thing about running your own business?

There are so many great things about running your own business but for Blomma I absolutely love it when we help people find beauty products that they love and when they come back time and and time again it’s such a great feeling. I obviously couldn’t achieve this without the brands and the founders that make the products and I the relationships I have with them all is incredibly important because I work very collaboratively with all of the brands and I’m really lucky that a lot have been with me from the start so have really supported the vision which gives you that bit of confidence that your idea is going somewhere.