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You should be cleaning your make-up AT LEAST once a week | The Sun

The Sun newspaper recently quoted our founder Karen's advice about how to keep your beauty products clean and hygienic. With Covid-19 making lots of us reconsider how clean our homes and possessions are, it's shining a light on some rather dirty habits we might have when it comes to our organic beauty products.

Karen said:

"There’s also no point in putting all that effort into weekly and monthly cleaning to put your products away in a grubby make up bag.

"Buy one that can be wiped clean or put in the washing machine and give your whole make up bag a regular cleaning overhaul, so it stays fresh and bacteria free" 

This quote was taken from a syndicated article by Fox Collective which you can read in full here or for more about how to keep your beauty products clean, check out our podcast below: 


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