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Top Tips For Naturally Beautiful Skin | Celebricious

The good folks over at Celebricious put together some skincare 101 tips that everyone can incorporate into their routine. From drinking more water and exercising to get a natural glow, to keeping skin clean and hydrated and, arguably most importantly, using SPF every day to keep the damaging effects of the sun and pollution at bay. 

They've recommended our natural and organic suncream from Odylique for people who are looking to avoid chemical or synthetic suncreams. It's won plenty of awards including Best Vegan Suncream as voted by PETA and is loved by our customers. Here's a review from our customer Chantal: 

"This is the first sunscreen I have ever owned that does not make me break out or feel like I have a layer of silicone on my face. I love it, and I am someone who hates sunscreen, but hates to have a tan! I wear it every morning when I go for a run and it does not burn my eyes when I get sweaty or pill.

I love that I can wear it on my body and face. I find it fairly easy to use. The product is a bit thick, so you have to use a little force to get it out of the tube. I find it rubs into the skin easily and is spreadable. It does not really smell either.

I have not tried this product with makeup on top or in water.

I find with some sunscreens even after you shower, you feel like you can never fully get it off of your skin. This sunscreen, I do not have that problem with. I also find with some sunscreens would give me hot skin, this does not do that at all.

I would love to see this product in an +50 SPF and sold in bigger containers. I would also be happy if this product came in a glass jar, rather than a tube. I am weird and have never been a fan of tube packaging. That being said, the size it currently comes in, is super easy to throw into a handbag.

I love this sunscreen. It will be the only sunscreen I buy from now on."

You can read the full blog here or find out more about Odylique's natural suncream below:

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