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What Is Veganism & What Are The Benefits? | Womanology

Womanology have put together a useful guide about all things vegan. If you're new to veganism or have been dabbling but want to fully commit, it's a great place to start. You'll learn exactly what veganism is, what you can and can't eat and the benefits of following a plant based diet but importantly, they also acknowledge that being vegan goes beyond our meals, it's a lifestyle choice and we need to consider all facets of our consumption including fashion, lifestyle products, technology and of course our beauty products. 

They've recommended Blomma Beauty as a vegan beauty online store that's a great place to start your vegan beauty routine. If you're looking for vegan beauty products our Vegan Shopping Blog is a great place to start, or why not book a free video consultation and we can help you make some vegan beauty product swaps.