Beth | BAO Skincare

Beth | BAO Skincare

BAO (pronounce Bay-o) stands for Beth's Aromatherapy Organic which perfectly sums up what her organic, vegan skincare brand is all about; natural and organic ingredients that feed your skin and make you feel happy. We learn more about Beth and her story of how she started formulating natural skincare and founding BAO 3 years ago...
beth founder of bao skincare

What did you do before you started BAO Skincare?

I have been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years. In 2010 I set up a beauty business running it full time from home working as a facialist and waxing specialist. Then in 2014 I opened a high end beauty spa where I employed a team of 8, but had to close because my Crohn’s disease got extremely bad so I went back to seeing clients from home part time and then in 2018 I launched BAO!

What was the inspiration for starting BAO?

Living with a long term autoimmune illness and taking loads of awful drugs and medication left my skin super sensitive and unhappy. So I created products that would help soothe my skin and others.

What is the story behind your brand name?

I wanted a brand name that stood for everything I wanted in my skincare brand. Beth’s (my journey and illness) Aromatherapy (because scent is very important) and Organic (because I only ever want to use the best ingredients).

I only ever want what is best for you and your skin, so I have built my brand around promises and practices that are close to my heart. At the core, BAO Skincare is committed to taking the uncertainty of treating reactive skin – making it simple, manageable and effective.

BAO's Most Popular Skincare Product

Recovery Face Cream, I think because it literally suits every skin type. Whether skin is oily and acne prone or dry and dehydrated the soothing blend of oils, hyaluronic acid and chamomile water work hard to deliver extreme hydration and nourishment to the skin whilst balancing sebum levels and brightening too.

Best product for dry skin?

Nourish Urself Balm, as this really gives incredible results after only one use.

Best product for oily skin?

Refreshing Face Wash/Radiance Face Scrub

Best product for sensitive skin?

Nourish Urself Balm, Hydrating Rose Mist and Recovery Face Cream

What hints/tips do you have for using your products?

Less is more and they all work much better together this is how I have created them.

Do you have any certifications/awards that our customers should be aware of?

All BAO products are certified organic and natural by Cosmos Soil Association and registered vegan and cruelty free by the Vegan Society.

What’s next for your brand?

To launch a hydrating face mask (lots of customers have been asking me), Happy oil blends that can be used as body mist, room spray or pillow mist and then a sunscreen!

How are you standing out from the crowd?

I think it’s really tough to stand out from the crowd these days, as the market is extremely saturated. But I know the reasons my customers stick with BAO is because it works and gives amazing results as well as being good value. The face products will last around 3-5 months per product if used correctly.

How do you source the ingredients for your skincare?

Every ingredient I use has to go through extreme testing and check as all of my ingredients are certified so suppliers are very limited, but they are the best on the market.

How are your products made?

Handmade by me in Dorset.

How are you tackling sustainability?

By making sure all of my ingredients and packaging are checked and of the best standard I can source.

What’s the best thing about having your own brand?

I get to help people feel better in their skin, plus I love doing something everyday that lights me up!

What’s been your biggest learning?

Start small and build from there rather than launching 14 products from the start hahaha and always ask your customers for their input and feedback.

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