Rabia & Samar | soapNskin

Rabia & Samar | soapNskin

Get to know Rabia and Samar who make soapNskin's natural, organic and fairtrade bodycare products just for you. Rabia (on the left) handles all the marketing and sales and their gorgeous social media posts, and Samar (on the right) makes all of your natural skincare products by hand in their north London studio. Together they have grown soapNskin over the past 6 years from the early days Samar learnt to make body butters and and soaps for family and friends and was encouraged to create a brand around these effective products.

rabia and samar founders of natural bodycare brand soapnskin

Why did you start soapNskin? 

soapNskin has a unique story, inspired by friendship and heritage and underpinned by the eclectic nature of being truly British. soapNskin was founded on a yearning to empower women to change the way they see beauty.

We wanted to combine a celebration of the multi-cultural society we live in with the desire to produce natural solutions to the challenges faced by our skin. Our journey was originally inspired by the wisdom and traditional ingredients from cultures along the ancient silk roads.

By combining family secrets from generations of revered beauty practices with the best of British producers, we wanted to create a unique collection of luxurious products for all to treasure.

What is the story behind your brand name?

The ‘soap’ is where it all started so we knew we needed to include that and ‘skin’ was our focus. the ‘N’ in the middle made for a great looking logo!

What's soapNskin's mission?

To present inspired rituals from our heritage, along the Silk Roads to the discerning natural beauty lover so they can experience the humble yet exotic formulas that have been handed down and adapted through generations.

Describe your brand in 3 words

Natural, multi-tasking, customisable

What is your most popular product and why?


Skin Saviour SOS Balm with Honey & Oat. This is a multi-tasking product which we highly recommend for dry & sensitive skin. It is gentle on the skin, due to the honey and oat oil which have anti-bacterial and reparative properties and it is fragrance free so won't irritate skin. It can be used as a cleansing balm, a moisturiser and a topical relief ointment for dry/itchy/sore patches

Which product did you launch soapNskin with?

Our natural, SLS free soaps!


What’s the best product for dry skin?

    Our luxurious body butters are amazing at getting rid of dry skin. Plant butters sink into the deepest layers of the skin to moisturise from inside out

    What’s the best product for oily skin?

      Argan & Orange Blossom Elixir is a single origin oil which is very easily absorbed into the skin. It has a very light texture but will still leave your skin hydrated



        What would you recommend to someone who is trying the brand for the first time?

        Our Discovery Kits are a wonderful introduction to the brand and contain FOUR miniature, travel sized products to get you started. The kits contain The Skin Cashmere Face & Body Mask, Argan & Orange Blossom Elixir, Skin Soak Rose & Sandalwood Himalayan Salts & Skin Deep Body Butter Lavender & Lime

        What advice do you have for using your products?

          Our products are natural so may not feel the same as what you are used to. Our soaps, for example are SLS free so will not lather as much as conventional soaps. Our body butters appear very heavy and greasy when first applied, but you just do not need as much and they will sink straight into your skin so do persevere!

          What are your top 3 skincare/make up tips.

            Cleanse, tone & moisturise at least twice a day and a quick facial massage 2-3 times a week before bed. Exfoliate 3 times a week depending on how sensitive your skin is. It is well worth the effort!  

            Do you have any certifications/awards that our customers should be aware of?

            We're proud to have won the following awards so far:

            • Skin Cashmere: Beauty Shortlist 2020 'Commended'
            • Elixir - Argan & Orange Blossom: Beauty Shortlist 2018 'Editor's Choice' AND Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2017 'Editor's Choice'
            • Skin Soak - Neroli & Patchouli: The Green Parent Natural Beauty Award 2017 'Best Buy'
            • Skin Soap - Honey and Oat: The Green Parent Natural Beauty Award 2016 'Best Buy'
            • Brand also has been awarded Beauty Shortlist 2017 'Winner' for Lavender & Lime Range

              What does your own beauty routine look like?

              Cleanse with skin soap, tone with a rose water toning spritz, moisturise using Skin Deep Rose & Sandalwood Body Butter. Exfoliate 4 times a week with a homemade exfoliator made from rice powder, green tea & chickpea flour. Use facial cupping as a massage technique every other day, followed by a jade roller.

              What’s next for soapNskin?

                A super exciting new multi-tasking body product and lots more kits including miniature products to come!

                How do you source your ingredients?

                  Many products are sourced through UK based reputable suppliers who are recommended by others in the industry or contacts that we have built up over the years. But we have key products in the range which have been used throughout generations which are more specialist.

                  How are your products made?

                    Currently made by hand in small batches

                    How long does it take you to develop new products?

                      Between 3-6 months

                      How are you tackling sustainability?

                        For a brand our size it is very challenging but we are lucky enough to have sustainability woven into the very essence of what we bring you. The ingredients, the packaging and the formulations have been derived from frugal practices that have stood the test of time, Ingredients which, to us, are exotic and luxurious but were actually everyday wonders!

                        What have been your biggest successes so far?

                          Our awards and testimonials have been evidence based successes. Happy customers are what we like!

                          What’s been your biggest learning?

                            How to start up & run a business! The learning is still in progress by the way!


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