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We are so excited to be expanding our range of organic beauty & wellbeing products to include natural beauty accessories. When we tried ELYTRUM's body brushes which are made with 100% natural materials and are reusable and biodegradable we were blown away with how much good they did not only for the appearance of your skin but our overall health. Here you can learn more about ELYTRUM's founder, Lenka.
lenka from elytrum

How did you get started in the beauty industry?

It was with the launch of ELYTRUM that I fully started to be involved in the beauty industry. Previously I worked as a Project Manager in Business Change and Transformation, so I gained a lot of knowledge about the beauty industry as part of my ELYTRUM journey and growth.

Why did you start ELYTRUM?  

When you practise rituals, such as yoga, forest walks, reading, meditating or just having a relaxing hot bath, and when you do these rituals with attention and focus, you become more aware of your body and start noticing that your mind is calmer, your body tension reduces and you feel better and more relaxed. In the past, when I had a stressful day and felt exhausted, and started my body care rituals, I immediately felt much better, inspired and motivated again. So, combining the dream of a) having my own business and b) offering people a chance to slow down, take care of their bodies and mind led me to create ELYTRUM which launched in summer 2019.

What is the story behind the ELYTRUM name?

I wanted a name that would be different, something that means “natural” and “strong”, “beautiful” and “fascinating”. Nature is like it. Together with my partner, we discovered ‘elytron’ or ‘elytra’, the beautiful, iridescence green blue front wings of beetles which protect the hind wings. Like our skin protects our tissues and organs, so does elytron - strong, complex and beautiful. Elytrum is a derivation of these words.

What is your ELYTRUM's ethos?

Our mission is to help people discover their new mindful routines and rituals that make them look and feel better, and be more in harmony and balance. When we perform rituals with awareness, we usually forget our everyday worries and are able to switch off our thoughts, allowing our body to regain energy and our minds to become positive and inspired again.
I want ELYTRUM to be the place where you can find high-performing, quality beauty and wellbeing products which help you reconnect with your body and mind. All products must be sustainable, ethically sourced and safe for people and our environment.
We are Considerate. Natural. Honest.

What is your most popular product and why?

There are a few but if I have to pick only one, that the Revive Body Brush with sisal fibres is one of the most popular body brushes. The size and shape allow you to exfoliate every inch of your body flexibly, you can use it on dry and wet skin. Our customers love the texture of the bristles on the skin, as it is not harsh, and it leaves them feeling refreshed invigorated.

What's the best body brush for dry skin?

All our body brushes are suitable for dry skin. However, if you have very sensitive and dry skin, then we recommend using our jute dry body brushes. The jute fibre is soft and treats your skin with gentle care.

What's the best body brush for oily skin? 

When you suffer oily skin or acne, then you try our sisal body brushes. Regular body brushing cleanses the skin, removing dead skin, impurities and excess oil which can clog pores. And, as you may already know, clogged pores are often one of the reasons for inflamed and acne-prone skin. So, our sisal body brushes are wonderful for cleansing and exfoliating the skin without a worry that some ingredients in traditional body scrubs could irritate your skin and cause further damage. Sisal is medium strength fibre and you can use it on dry skin or in the shower or bath. Some of our customers told us that our sisal body brush helped them to get rid of acne and clear their skin. So I highly recommend trying one of our sisal body brush. However, if you have oily yet very sensitive skin, try the softer jute first, as it works well too.

Which body brush is best to use in the mornings? 

For morning rituals, I recommend a body brush from our sisal range. Sisal is stronger than jute and gives more vigorous massage and exfoliation – just what we need for getting the circulation going and for an energising kick.

What tips do you have for using your body brushes?  

Always brush towards your heart and lymph nodes. Use slow, long sweeping strokes for more pampering exfoliation and relaxing massage. Alternatively, when you need to get a quick energy boost, start with swift short strokes. Try body brushing both in the morning and in the evening as this is the best way to find out what works the best for you. Some of our customers alternate between a jute brush and a sisal brush, the softer one for more sensitive areas such as bikini, stomach or décolletage and the stronger one, sisal, for the rest of the body.

What’s next for your brand?

I haven’t mentioned yet that I have been studying organic skincare formulations.  Because I have made natural oil blends and creams for several years now, I wanted to take my passion further and develop my knowledge and skills in formulating. This will allow me to create a body care range that is natural, high-performing and competitive. 

How is ELYTRUM different from other body brushes?

Not only are our body brushes ethically handcrafted and beautifully designed, but they really work. They exfoliate effectively, the texture of the bristles is not harsh, on the contrary, it feels amazing on the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. And you feel good.

How do you source your body brush materials? 

All our brushes are 100% natural and eco-friendly. The fibres are made from sustainably grown plants while the wooden handles are made from unused timber intended for landfill. They are all ethically handmade in Sri Lanka by a family-owned business.
I research and learn about the materials and ingredients, how we cultivate plants and what we require for their cultivation and processing. Our next steps are to ensure that all our packaging and materials, where possible, are used from recycled materials too.

What have been your biggest successes so far? 

I love when we receive wonderful feedback from our customers, and how our body brushes help them achieve beautiful skin. We continually receive 5-star reviews which are very rewarding. Also, working with amazing independent brands and retailers that share our ethos and values is another big achievement.

What's been your biggest learning?

Having your own business requires lots of hard work, resilience and determination, there will be a success but also failures and mistakes.  I learned not to let that stop or discourage me. Also, if some things are out of my control, there is no reason to dwell on it, I focus on those things that I can control.  I am still learning to enjoy every achievement, every little victory. My partner tells me that I sometimes don’t realise all my achievements, so I need to enjoy them more. I am aware that anything you do now, the results and success may not be visible straight away, but often in 3-6 months.

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