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Natural & Organic Beauty Conversations: What We Learnt

Last week we hosted an intimate evening at our favourite local haunt, The Poetry Society in Covent Garden where we were in conversation with three of our brand partners discussing all things natural and organic beauty. Guests enjoyed a Square Root Soda and a goodie bag featuring miniatures from the brands to try. 

We loved chatting with our guests both brand new to the Blomma Beauty concept and some familiar faces, who ranged from die hard organic beauty fans, to those wanting to find our more on how to switch up their beauty regime or even start their own skincare line. We were overwhelmed with the feedback we received and will certainly be hosting more events like this next year. 

Starting with a little background on each of our brand partners, we discovered that the name Nom Nom (of Nom Nom Organic Skincare) came from Jayne's son and, with childlike simplicity and ingredients good enough to eat, totally sums up the mum and baby brand's ethos.

Cut.le.crap's punchy name was originally inspired by the wide range of clean beauty solutions with in your face branding in Australia where Maya and her family were living at the time of her natural beauty epiphany. It felt right to try to bring this to the UK and mix up the industry both in the tongue in cheek name, standout packaging and sustainable and high quality toxin free ingredients. 

Terre Verdi's Alessandra, explained the passion and dedication it took to gain COSMOS Organic certification from The Soil Association for her moisturiser. It was a groundbreaking time both in the fact that it was the first water based moisturising to be approved and certified but also the campaigning that was involved to get the international standard to recognise UK suppliers such as Ecover within the strict approval process all the way from soil to skin paved the way for other certified brands today. 

Blomma Beauty Natural & Organic Beauty Talk

The common theme with all of our founders, though was that each brand was started as a result of a personal journey of realisation. By turning over the beauty products in their homes and discovering through the ingredients that they weren't quite as wholesome as originally advertised, it took them all the rabbit hole and resulted in hours of ingredient and product research, careful cutting and swapping of items from their beauty regimes before deciding to create their own more effective formulations. It's a journey that so many of us go on and the night really highlighted how important it was to use a trusted, impartial source when shopping for your clean beauty swaps as well as to question the meaning behind common unregulated marketing terms such as 'clean beauty', 'natural', 'ethical' and 'sustainable'. 

There were too many topics to summarise but some really interesting points came out of the discussion. We round up some of our favourites below:

  • A brand that has nothing to hide will share everything with you, including continual transparency of how they intend to keep on evolving and improve both their formulations and ethics. 
  • Beware of fragrance when looking at ingredients. Other ingredients in a formulation may be natural but fragrance can be made up of hundreds of other ingredients without having to be declared on the label.
  • Organic certification is a long and labour intensive process which verifies the ingredients, manufacturing practices and packaging from soil to skin. Certification is reassuring but not all brands can afford this. Use a trusted source to sort the legit unverified brands from the cowboys. They will do all of the legwork for you in relation to a brand and products ingredients, registrations, certifications, quality, efficacy and sustainability.  
  • The jar symbol on the back of a product indicates how long the product will last once opened. This is different from sell by dates though and not all products display them dates so you've no idea how long they're sitting on the shelf for before purchase. Check for a batch number and enquire with the brand on when the best before date is.

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