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Why True Skincare's range is waterless

The term waterless is a growing trend for the sustainably minded beauty consumer but what does it actually mean and why is it important? We delve deeper into one of our waterless skincare brands, True Skincare to discover the different ways this precious commodity is used in the beauty industry and why they believe waterless beauty products are so important.

"Wetlands are actually disappearing three times faster than our forests, but they store twice as much carbon and are home and depended upon by thousands of species critical to our ecosystem." Emma, True Skincare

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What is waterless skincare?

Waterless skincare, very simply, doesn't contain any water in its formulation. More often than not water, or its INCI name aqua, will be the first ingredient in your beauty products' ingredient list. Whilst some products like moisturisers and lotions use water to help spread a products across the surface of your skin as well as deliver active ingredients to your skin, according to True Skincare, some brands use up to 85% water in a formulation purely as a filler to bulk out beauty products. This is because water is a cheap ingredient that rarely causes skin sensitivity or stability concerns with other ingredients. 

True Skincare have made it their mission to create organic, waterless beauty products at an affordable price so you won't be paying more for their products versus similar beauty products that use water making them a great value for money choice for your beauty routine.

Why waterless skincare?

With two thirds of the world's population expected to experience fresh water shortages by 2025 and water imbalances around the world contributing to the water crisis it makes sense for us to minimise our water footprint as much as possible. When water is used gratuitously in beauty products it seems like an easy swap to make and save our worlds most precious resource for activities that actually need it. 

By choosing waterless products like True Skincare's Superfood Exfoliator, you can tailor how much water to combine them with meaning you have more control over your consumption than if the water was added to the product at the manufacturing stage. 

The benefits of waterless skincare

Some of the benefits of opting for waterless beauty products are: 

  • Without water as a filler, you're only getting potent active ingredients in your skincare products that can penetrate and have remarkable effects on the skin.
  • Water is where bacteria flourishes. Removing it from your beauty products, particularly ones which aren't using pump to dispense, can be more hygienic. 
  • It also means your products are purer because preservatives aren't needed to prevent bacterial growth so you avoid having to expose your skin to synthetic preservatives and chemicals. 
  • Water cannot be certified as organic. By removing water from your beauty products, it's possible to have a fully organically certified product. 

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What other ways can you save water in beauty products? 

Of course, water is used in every stage of the cosmetics production process. From the water that's used to grow the natural beauty ingredients, to the manufacturing and cleaning processes in the production phase this is one aspect of our water footprint that might not be so obvious when we see our beauty products on the shelf. This is what's known as virtual water.

True Skincare are also working hard to minimise the impact of their water consumption right the way through their supply chain. 

"We are constantly looking for ways to reuse or reduce our water usage in the manufacturing and extraction process, many of which are entirely waterless. We've also developed our products to ensure as little water is needed during use as possible. So instead of using this vital commodity to create our skincare range, all of our products are filled to the brim with skin-benefiting ingredients which are kind to you and our planet." Emma, True Skincare

Luckily there are plenty of naturally waterless beauty products in the natural and organic skincare market. By choosing waterless organic beauty products you can easily minimise your water footprint straight from your bathroom. 

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