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Self Care & Wellbeing - What we learnt in the pandemic | Podcasts

In this episode of the Conscious Beauty & Wellbeing podcast myself, Rabia and Samar from soapNskin are talking about self care and wellbeing. In the context of the 2020 covid-19 pandemic we share what we learnt about our self care needs as a result of slowing down, reflecting and being in lockdown. We share our tips and what helped each of us get through it. 

We talk about: 

- How the pandemic showed us how fast paced our lives had been

- Why it became important to acknowledge our self care needs

- What we've learnt as a result of the pandemic that we'd like to hold on to as the lockdown eases

- Why we think there was such a trend for spathrooms and spas at home

- How the pandemic affected our sleep routines

- Why simplifying our lives and getting in touch with nature has helped us


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