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Winter Skincare Routines | Podcast

In this episode of the Conscious Beauty & Wellbeing podcast myself, Rabia and Samar from soapNskin are talking about our winter skincare routines. We take you through a step by step guide on how we look after our different skin types, tones and textures, the differences between summer & winter skincare routines and specifically nourishing skincare ingredients and products that we can't live without when it's cold outside. 

We talk about: 

- What our skin needs most during winter and the ingredients, products and textures to add to your natural beauty regime

- Balms versus water based moisturisers

- How to protect the skin barrier from moisture loss during cold weather

- Do you really need to use a toner? 

- How our beauty regimes change from winter to summer

- Our favourite cleanser for winter

- What we use at night to help hydrate our skin and handle everything winter throws at it


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