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Beauty Miles | Guest Blog | The Ecological

I love researching and learning new things about sustainable beauty. One of the latest concepts to enter the conscious beauty world is the term beauty miles which is something that isn't always considered when we receive our orders in the post or buy them in the shops. 

It's the number of miles that have gone into the production of that product. All the way from the tractor sowing the seeds for every single ingredients in the product, to the final miles the finished product takes to reach you and everything in between. Whilst totting up the miles doesn't necessarily cover the full environmental impact of the product it's important to acknowledge how much carbon is emitted from transport alone to get your favourite lipstick or organic moisturiser to you. 

If you'd like to learn more about the term beauty miles and some simple things you can do to reduce the impact your beauty products have on the environment then click the image below to read the guest post I wrote for the lovely Bryanna over at The Ecological blog which focusses on everyday greener living. 

screenshot of blog article about beauty miles and sustainable beauty products