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Cut.Le.Crap Hair Oil Review | Beautyfolio

Beautyfolio is a green and natural beauty blog written by the lovely Emma who we just love working with. She's a regular customer of ours and she always gives such honest reviews, choosing products that are suited to her skin type. Be sure to subscribe to her blog as there are so many incredible brands that are featured. Plus she has a special affiliate offer for her readers for discount off our store! 

In her latest blog she's reviewed Cut.Le.Crap's Hair Oil, here's a sneak peak of what she had to say: 

"What I love most about Cut.Le.Crap’s Natural Hair Oil is its versatility as not only does it smooth your hair post-styling but also protects the hair from heat damage when used in your pre-drying routine too. As well as this, Cut.Le.Crap’s Natural Hair Oil also makes for an intensive dry scalp and hair treatment before shampooing to pamper your locks even more."

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