Our Ethos

At Blomma Beauty we want shopping for organic beauty to have the same experiential quality as a conventional beauty hall. We want to feel inspired, be spoiled for choice and get lost in discovery.

Blomma Beauty started because we couldn’t find one location where all of that was possible. Typical beauty stores under represented organic brands so there was a lack of choice. Organic stores where food is the main event didn’t inspire us to try new things whilst doing our weekly shop. And natural beauty websites, whilst great at showcasing the most options, didn’t allow us to try before we bought so we ended up creating more waste than we liked.

We’re therefore curating the best natural and organic skincare, cosmetic and personal care products out there.  Our products are carefully selected based on their ingredients, efficacy and environmental impact. We bring them to you through our pop up shops where you can try new products, meet the people behind the brands and get pampered with clean beauty treatments.

Most importantly believe we should be able to understand exactly what’s in our beauty products and we’re dedicated to learning as much as possible about the ingredients in our skincare and makeup and to pass that knowledge on to you, particularly for online purchases to limit waste. We don’t want to compromise by using products containing chemicals known or suspected to be harmful to us by direct application or absorption. The products endorsed on our site are always cruelty free and we make sure to explain every single ingredient and be honest about the vegan and eco credentials of our products and brands.

We hope we can help you make the switch to a cleaner, greener beauty regime!

Love Blomma Beauty x