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Wellbeing at Home | Online Event

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Learn how to find serenity, calm and organisation at home

Join us on February 10th as we talk to Diana Spellman, home organisation expert, who will be sharing her Serenely Sorted technique to help us find calm and serenity whilst we're finding ourselves at home more and more.

Whether you're looking to nail your home working space once and for all, organise your house from top to bottom or sort out your beauty stash this masterclass will help you improve your wellbeing at home.

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What we'll cover:

  • What is Serenely Sorted?
  • How will you benefit and bring more calm and serenity into your lives with each step
  • The basics of the Serenely Sorted System
  • Takeaway real practical tips on how you can begin to tackle the Daily Debris in your home and improve your wellbeing

Join us at 8pm GMT and we'll also send you the replay the following day

About Diana Spellman

Mum of two Diana Spellman is a female entrepreneur born out of lockdown. With 20 years’ experience working in systems/process/workflow on corporate contracts, she launched her business Serenely Sorted. Inspired to address the ‘Mess Stress’ in her own life after working from home meant she couldn’t get away from the piles that had built up over time and that constant nagging voice telling her to tidy – she developed the simple but highly effective Serenely Sorted System, which she is now teaching online and via focused courses. Diana will share some of the tips from the Serenely Sorted System which will enable you to make changes to your home and mess stress and you’ll be feeling more serene before you know it.

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