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Organic September: Sustainable Beauty Businesses - Livestream September 9th 8pm

Organic September: Sustainable Beauty Businesses - Livestream September 9th 8pm

Blomma Beauty
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This event has ended, click here to watch the replay

We're celebrating Organic September with a series of livestreams featuring our certified organic brand founders!

And kicking off the month is a livestream all about sustainable business practices as we take a look at sustainability all the way from the soil to your skin and beyond so you can discover new beauty brands that match your values

What you'll learn

  • How formulators ensure their ingredients and packaging are sourced sustainably
  • Discover new sustainable beauty brands
  • The checks a brand must continue to do to ensure their business is sustainable
  • How you should really be recycling your beauty products 
  • Why organic beauty is the sustainable choice
  • How our brands make sure sustainability is always at the heart of their brand


When is it?

Wednesday September 9th - 8pm 

Who's on the panel?

Karen MacDonald, natural and organic beauty expert and founder of Blomma Beauty will be your host

Emma Thornton, Founder True Skincare Emma's background in beauty marketing led her to question the transparency of the industry and start up her organically certified brand to enable people to be able to experience organic beauty products at an accessible price point.  


Where is it? 

This is a virtual event. All you need to do is, place an order for a free ticket and we'll send you the livestream link. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone that wants to learn more about sustainable beauty brands and how this should be considered through every stage of the product's life cycle from the soil to your skin. Whether you're just starting to switch to a more conscious beauty regime or want to learn more about the Soil Association, organic September and sustainable beauty this is the event for you! 

There will a chance for audience questions, so if you'd like to know something in particular, please contact us and we'll include your question as part of the event.