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Spice World Organic Soap Twin Box - Coraleen
Spice World Organic Soap Twin Box - Coraleen
Spice World Organic Soap Twin Box - Coraleen

Spice World Organic Soap Twin Box - Coraleen

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East meets West in this organic soap duo featuring two of Coraleen's luxuriously exfoliating soap bars that are hand made with organic ingredients sourced from across the globe, including our home shores. 

You'll get:

x 1 Gin & Juice Orange and Juniper Exfoliating Organic Soap A cocktail of beautiful including organic juniper essential oil, ground juniper berries and organic orange essential oil to help tone and balance skin. 

x 1 Cinnamon Swirl Cinnamon, Almond and Oat Exfoliating Soap Bar A delicious combination of gently exfoliating and super moisturising ingredients that help to keep your skin bright and hydrated. 

Why we love it? If you're a lazy exfoliator these soaps are ideal as they give your skin a regular gentle scrub whilst keeping it clean.

How to use: Lather with water and apply to face and body before rinsing off. To prolong the life of your soap keep in a dish or box with drainage to dry out when not in use.  The Orange and Juniper soap is not suitable for sensitive or delicate skin types as it is a little rough.

Prefer a different scent? Check out Coraleen's other soap varieties

Is it organic? Yes, each ingredient that is stated to be organic has been certified by The Soil Association, except the Extra Virgin Olive Oil which has been certified by Gemeral, the Organic Body of Catalunya in Spain.

Is it vegan? Yes.

Is it cruelty free? Yes.

Is it packaged sustainably? Yes the box is made from recycled and recyclable card. The paper wrap is made from recycled paper and printed with eco vegetable based inks.  

Size: Each soap bar is handmade and handcut in small batches. The minimum weight of the bar will be 100g but sometimes you'll get more bang for your buck!