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Switching to a Natural Skincare Routine | Thursday June 16th

Switching to a Natural Skincare Routine | Thursday June 16th

Blomma Beauty
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Join Blomma Beauty's founder, Karen to help you navigate switching to a more conscious natural skincare routine at 6pm on Thursday June 16th in our natural beauty store 

Whether your desire to switch has been spurred on by an effort to be more sustainable, a much-needed make-up declutter, or maybe even because of a growing interest in the ingredients in your products, we’re here to help.

In this natural skincare masterclass we'll teach you: 

  • What the term 'natural' skincare means to us
  • Why you may want to switch your beauty routine to a more natural one
  • How to review your existing products ready for a declutter with our tried and tested system
  • What to look for on ingredients lists and what labels and certifications to look out for
  • How to analyse your skin to know your skin type
  • How to build a new routine that's tailor made to you

You'll be given a selection of useful worksheets to help you on your skincare journey. Plus the chance to try out a whole range of natural skincare products and ask any skincare questions you may have.