Yoga Nidra with Well With Samantha

Yoga Nidra with Well With Samantha

⁠Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness found during meditation.

What are the benefits? ⁠

1. It’s a simple way to reduce stress. ⁠
2. Helps activate the relaxation response ⁠
3. Improves sleep and reduces insomnia⁠

Sam from Well With Samantha guides us through a yoga nidra mediation so you can find your calm. 

"Yoga Nidra is something I've practised for a few years now. It's sometimes referred to as Yogic Sleep and it is said that just 30 minutes is the equivalent of 2 hours deep sleep but that does not mean we can use it to replace sleep. Instead think of it as a tool to help us better prepare for an even better night's sleep since it is a well-researched discipline that is known to aid in the reduction of anxiety & symptoms of PTSD, as well as improving physical healing and of course sleep

I personally love Yoga Nidra so much. It helped to reduce my stress levels when I worked in the corporate Beauty world; It enabled me to feel much calmer and grounded after a really busy day, and it helped me to sleep much better (even though I generally sleep really well!). I wanted to share my own Guided Yoga Nidra, created with (rather selfishly!) my own needs in mind as far as sleep, relaxation and de-stressing are concerned. I really hope you find it helps you too"