Vanessa | Ezápé Naturals

Vanessa | Ezápé Naturals

Vanessa Karikari is the founder of Ezápé Naturals, a natural skin and body care brand formulated for dry and sensitive skin types. We get to know her and her products better...

How did Ezápé Naturals get started? 

I got started in the beauty industry when I qualified as a beauty therapist in my teenage years and then after finding a solution to my daughters eczema I got started with the formulating side of things.
I have been in business for almost 6 years now. I started my brand because I want to help those suffering with eczema. The brand came about after making my first product the rosemary body butter for my daughters eczema and because it worked so well for her I decided that this was something that could benefit others too. My mission is to help as many people as possible to find safe natural skincare to help treat their dry/eczema skin conditions.
I make all of the products myself by hand and I source my ingredients from UK suppliers that carry a large amount of soil association certified organic ingredients.

What is the story behind your brand name?

The name Ezápé is a combination of my sons name Ezra and my daughters name Agápé because my products were created to treat their skin,

What's the most popular product?

My most popular product is the chamomile balm because it is multi use, effective and suits most skin types including sensitive


What skin types are your products most suited to?

All of my products are suitable for dry skin on the body and can be used to effectively treat dry skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or dermatits. Once you’ve finished bathing with the lavender and chamomile bath salts apply one of the body butters on damp skin to the whole body from chest to feet. For extra protection and moisture apply the chamomile balm to hands, feet and any other dry or sensitive area needing extra moisture.


What tips do you have for people using your natural skincare products?

Bathe with the bath salts in warm water, never hot, as hot water contributes to dry skin. Apply a body butter to damp skin to help lock moisture into the skin. If using my products to treat dry skin try applying it at least twice a day to see results faster.

What's next for Ezape Naturals?

I would like to add more products to the range so look out for more oils and body butter scents coming soon. I would also like to add a facial care range in a few years.

How sustainable are you skincare products?

My products are sustainable as the come in glass jars and the lids are aluminium which are both easily recyclable. I also use card and paper in my packaging. I look forward to the future when I am able to take my packaging back to wash, sanitise and reuse them.

What's been your biggest success and your biggest learning?

My biggest success so far is getting great feedback on my chamomile balm as it has helped so many peoples skin to improve My biggest learning is realising that it takes a lot of time, effort and money to build a brand.


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