Jayne | Nom Nom Skincare

Jayne | Nom Nom Skincare

Originally operating for many years as a pregnancy and baby skincare line, Nom Nom is now a complete skincare range for everybody. Here we delve deeper into Jayne's story to see how far the brand has come over the years as they celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2024.

What did you do before you started Nom Nom Skincare? 

I founded Nom Nom after working for over twenty years as a nutrition and massage therapist, specialising in women’s health and pregnancy, and as a baby massage instructor.

What was the inspiration for your brand? 

Two things. Firstly, my pregnancy massage and new parent clients who were looking for natural skincare solutions for pregnancy and baby and, secondly, a diagnosis of breast cancer which made me look more carefully at what I was using on my skin. When I learnt that potentially harmful parabens and other synthetic chemicals could also be found in some supposedly natural/organic products, I realised more needed to be done to counter greenwashing and give people confidence in what they were using .  

What is the story behind the name Nom Nom? 

My son (a teenager at the time) came up with the name. I wanted something that had an association with nutrition to reflect both my background and the naturalness (and often edible nature) of the ingredients. Nom Nom is something my children would say when dinner was ready and I realised it could also be an acronym for Nutrition, Organic and Massage, the cornerstones of my practice. My customers love the name, it’s memorable and reflects the brand values which are first and foremost to provide skincare people can trust. 

The range is truly natural, organic, gentle, effective and sustainable as well as being created using expertise from my therapist background. It is gratifying that Nom Nom Relax Oil is chosen by professional massage therapists, osteopaths and doulas who always want the very best for their treatments and clients.

What is your most popular product and why? 

Nom Nom Everybody Butter is a super gentle, fragrance free, nourishing butter made with calming calendula and soothing evening primrose with a delicious natural scent from virgin coconut oil. It’s a multipurpose, one pot does all, as it can be used as body butter, lip balm, makeup remover and more! It softens and soothes dry skin patches on elbows, feet and hands and can be used for tattoo aftercare and to tame frizzy hair and add shine. Its counterpart Nom Nom Baby Butter is a very effective nappy balm, great for dry skin patches and a natural barrier to protect the skin from runny noses and drool. 

What’s the best product for dry skin? 

As they are made with super high levels of nutritious oils and butters, the whole range is fantastic for dry skin and there is something for everyone. My particular favourite is Nom Nom Pregnancy Stretch Butter. I’m well past the pregnancy stage but love using it daily, as a body butter. With shea and cocoa butter and camellia and baobab oils it keeps my skin super soft and supple. It works really well on dry and itchy skin during pregnancy and supports elasticity with lots of reports of no stretch marks.


What would you recommend to someone who is trying the brand for the first time? 

The Nom Nom Everybody/Relax Mini Set is a fantastic introduction to the range with small sizes of Nom Nom’s best selling products. It’s also perfect for popping in your bag, travelling or gifting. 

What tips do you have for using your products? 

As they are waterless and super concentrated only a small amount is needed, which also makes them very economical to use. The Butters melt with your body heat and a little goes a long way. With my massage background I always recommend trying to combine application with massage strokes to increase the benefits and when used on a baby, to encourage bonding. 

Do you have any awards that our customers should be aware of? 

Nom Nom has won 13 national awards, including a finalist award for Best of Organic Market (BOOM) in the pregnancy and baby care category. It won Gold awards from Free From Skincare for Nom Nom Stretch Butter and Bizzie Baby for Nom Nom Baby Butter. Both were tested by pregnant women and parents which made the wins even more special.

What’s next for Nom Nom Skincare? 

Nom Nom’s green (pregnancy) and orange (baby) lines have recently been joined by my blue line, inspired by customer requests for products suitable for all, plus my relocation to the seaside. So, now the range can be happily used by everyone! I’m planning to introduce more mini sets as these are a popular way to trial, treat and travel with Nom Nom.

How are you standing out from the crowd? 

Natural beauty has certainly become very crowded since I became aware of a need for truly natural mum and baby skincare and launched the range. Over the last decade I have just continued to stay true to my ethos with 100% natural, 99.5% organic, vegan, sustainable, cruelty free, multipurpose and affordable skincare. 

How do you make your products?

I source all ingredients from a few trusted, organic approved suppliers and I endeavour to use UK based companies for containers and packaging.  The whole range is handmade and poured in small batches on the UK’s South Coast. I even infuse my own vanilla oil for use in Nom Nom Stretch Butter which smells delicious!

I use organically grown ingredients, glass packaging with easily recyclable plastic closures and labels. Packaging for the gifts set are recycled kraft and paper based and printed materials are on recycled paper using plant based inks.

What’s the best thing about having your own brand? 

Positive feedback and repeat custom is absolutely the best thing. I love hearing how people are using Nom Nom products and how they have helped them. It makes all the hard work worthwhile!

I've learnt over the years that people buy from people. My most wonderfully loyal clients and retailers have come from markets, events and face to face meetings. I love sharing Nom Nom and they seem to love the story and ethos and discovering a range they can believe in and enjoy using. In the end, everything comes back to trust. 

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