Nadine | Barefaced Beauty

Nadine | Barefaced Beauty

Meet Nadine, who founded Barefaced Beauty, her range of natural, vegan and cruelty free mineral make up in 2005. 

nadine founder of mineral make up brand barefaced beauty

About Barefaced Beauty's ethos...

Barefaced Beauty maintains a passionate dedication to producing a wide range of natural mineral cosmetics, made with ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients which are kind to the skin and the environment.

Our mineral cosmetics are clean, free of all harmful chemicals and certified 100% vegan and cruelty free. We also donate a portion of our profits to support responsible tree planting.

What was the inspiration for Barefaced Beauty?

To create products that were kind to the skin but also Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free and as Ethical as possible.

The brand name is a play on words, Barefaced so that even though you are wearing makeup it still looks very natural, like you are a Barefaced Beauty.

What is your most popular product and why? 

Our Mineral Foundation is the most popular product by far and I'd recommend it for anyone trying the brand for the first time, it provides perfect coverage, concealing flaws easily, whilst still leaving your skin looking fresh and naturally beautiful. Our mineral foundation will not clog pores and has healing properties making it ideal for problematic or sensitive skin. We have lots of regular customers with very sensitive skin that had previously tried lots of other brands before finding the Barefaced Beauty.

What tips do you have for using your products?

Use the match my make up website or visit the Blomma Beauty store to find your perfect shade. 

What awards and certifications do you have?

We have certified approval from PETA & The Vegan Society and we have recently won the LUX Life Health Beauty & Wellness Award’ For: ‘BEST MINERAL COSMETICS BRAND – UK’

How are you standing out from the crowd?

Many other brands are a mixture of either “Clean, Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Ethical” etc. With Barefaced Beauty products you are guaranteed all of them.

How do you source your ingredients? 

We only use ethically sourced ingredients (including mica) from suppliers with clear policies in place to make sure all the mines that are used are legal and free from child labour.

Our make up is made with sustainable, natural ingredients which are kind to the skin and the environment. 

What’s the best thing about having your own natural make up brand?

When I receive positive feedback from customers that are so pleased that our products have made such a difference to them.

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