How to Switch to a Conscious Beauty Routine

How to Switch to a Conscious Beauty Routine

Emma from Beautyfolio shares her top tips on how to make the switch to a more conscious beauty regime. There is some fantastic advice here so thanks to Emma for contributing to our blog, we hope you find it useful...

Making the leap to a conscious beauty routine can be an incredibly daunting process with so many product choices and buzzwords across social media that make starting your green beauty journey seem like a somewhat tiring exercise.

Thankfully, with my top five tips and some product recommendations available at Blomma Beauty, your quest to make your beauty routine more ethical can be a simple yet incredibly effective process that will make a big difference long term. 

Don’t try to change everything at once.

This is the number one rule in switching to a conscious beauty routine as not only do you not want to waste the products you already own but you also need time to explore ingredients that will be beneficial for your skin and hair type. It is also good to remember that you may find your body needs a transitional period to adjust to a green beauty regime after a dependence on conventional beauty products - so give it time and you will soon begin to notice a difference.

My top tip is finding a multipurpose product that you can really experiment with and integrate it into your routine in a number of ways. I personally recommend Terre Verdi’s ArganShea Multitasking Cream and Silvan Skincare’s Radiance Balm as they are great for cleansing as well as moisturising the body, face, lips and cuticles. You can even use a small amount to tame frizzy flyaways too so they really are a great allrounder when it comes to your beauty routine.

If you prefer something that will become a staple in your beauty stash, then Pure Argan Co’s Organic Fairtrade Argan Oil is great for all skin and hair types. It can be incorporated into your routine in a variety of different ways from a face and body oil to a hair treatment and nourishing bath oil, so it is a great oil to start incorporating into your beauty rituals early on in your ethical beauty journey.

Samples and Smaller-Sized Products Will Become Your Best Friend.

When switching to a conscious beauty routine, it will take some time to really discover what you like and what your beauty routine needs to make it work for you. I love to find brands that are dedicated to stocking smaller sizes for you to try before committing to buying full-sized. Blomma Beauty stocks a wide variety of brands who offer various sized-products with different price points. If you’re looking to buy individual products then I highly recommend Casa Mencarelli and Odylique as they each have some great options when trying products for the first time. 

Casa Mencarelli’s products come in smaller 15ml sizes or in a gift set of miniatures to try their whole range. I have been enjoying their Bellisima Balm recently as it is perfect for this time of year thanks to its nourishing properties and fresh scent that is the epitome of summer.  

Bumi Naturals have a range of products in sizes from 15ml - 250ml, so they really give several purchase options when switching to a conscious beauty routine. I am a huge fan of their Body Polish with Poppy Seed and Lavender as it is the perfect product to keep skin in tip top condition, especially when you have a little more skin on show during the summer months!

Blomma Beauty also stocks a wide variety of discovery sets on their site that are an easy way to explore smaller sized products, as well as get a feel of a particular brand that may influence your future purchases.

Meadow Skincare’s Starter Kit is a great way to try the brand’s complete facial range, with generous sized jars that will give you multiple applications to determine whether they are right for your skin. If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable option, and can’t decide which facial oil to try for your skin type, then True Skincare’s Harmony Gift Set is the perfect choice.

Looking for body products? SoapNSkin’s Discovery Set has you covered, with small sized products containing everything you need for the ultimate pamper session. Some of the products in their Discovery Set are multipurpose, so you use them in a variety of different ways without accumulating too many products at one time - something which is really important when switching to a conscious routine.

Eco-Friendly Swaps Can Easily Turn Your Conscious Beauty Routine Into a Lifestyle

Plastic-free July is upon us and nothing says conscious beauty routine like products with plastic-free packaging that integrate so easily into our daily lives - allowing us to make small steps that have a big impact. 

Natural deodorants such as Cacao Pow Deo Bar help to keep you smelling fresh all day, even during the summer months, and is a great way to eradicate nasties (such as aluminium) from being absorbed into the body. By swapping something as simple as your deodorant, you are starting to change products you already use on a day to day basis without too much time or effort.

Another great way to start your conscious skincare journey is by swapping your usual hand wash and shower gels for soap bars as not only are they better for the environment but they are also great value for money and gentle on the skin. I have just ordered a selection of Coraleen Organic Soaps, the latest brand to join Blomma Beauty. I think ‘Minty Fresh’ and ‘Calming Chamomile’ will be my personal favourites but with so many options, I’m sure it will be difficult to choose when I’ve tried them all!

Did you know that Blomma Beauty also stocks a great range of ethical period products too? &Sisters Nüdie Period Cup is the plastic-free, reusable way to have an eco-friendly period without any plastic waste at all. They also have a great selection of their cotton liners, pads and tampons to help reduce waste allowing you to utilise products that are familiar, but will help make your conscious routine a lifestyle that you can easily maintain.

Research, Research, Research.

With so many beautiful ingredients within natural beauty products, researching which ones are best for your skin and hair type is a fantastic way of making the transition to a conscious beauty routine a smooth one. Luckily Blomma Beauty has a great ingredient list on their website that will give you the lowdown on the benefits of key ingredients that you might find in the products they stock. 

By also exploring sample sizes and multi use products as suggested previously, you can also note what textures, scents and ingredients you really enjoyed using to help with future purchases that will make your conscious routine work well for you.

Kitchen Cupboard Hacks

Last, and by no means least, is the wonderful ingredients you already have to hand in your kitchen that boast some amazing skincare benefits to use in conjunction with your initial natural purchases.

Mashed up fruit, honey and yogurt are all great ingredients to use as a face mask. They can either be applied on their own or mixed in with powdered products like Casa Mencarelli’s Sicilia Green Clay and Lemon Mask and Scrub. You can also activate any powdered products such as this with liquids such as pomegranate juice from the fridge or freshly squeezed orange juice to really reap the benefits nature has to offer.

I really hope my top five hints and tips on switching to a conscious beauty routine help you in your mission to utilise natural and cruelty-free products into your regime. You can also find more useful information and green beauty recommendations over on my blog and social channels, and I am always happy to give any advice on making the switch.

Don’t forget that Karen over at Blomma Beauty is always happy to help, so feel free to drop her a message with any questions and also sign up to their newsletter to keep up to date all the goings on at Blomma Beauty.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio





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