How to switch to natural deodorant

How to switch to natural deodorant

You may have seen our previous post 'Why use aluminium free deodorant' detailing all the reasons why swapping out aluminium-based antiperspirant to natural deodorant is a fantastic way to take care of not only yourself, but the world around you. That’s all well and good, but when you’re so used to reaching for spray or a roller deodorant every morning, transitioning to natural deos can be a little confusing. To be sure the switch is as seamless as possible - and to prepare you for any potentially smelly surprises - we’re here to break down the best way to transition to the natural deodorant life. 

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Picking the Right Natural Deodorant for You 

Your skin’s needs should come first when picking out any self care products, and natural deodorant is no exception. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend staying away from fragranced products, or products with lots of essential oils, as these can irritate sensitive skin. The synthetic ingredients in artificial fragrances have also been linked to chronic health conditions, so it is also best to avoid these. We love the Cacao Pow Deo Bar as it is free from all artificial fragrances and essential oils, allowing the scent of the organic cacao butter to shine through while it takes care of your underarms.

Sweat it Out

If you’re used to using an aluminium-based antiperspirant, you’ll notice when you switch to a natural deodorant, you may begin to sweat a lot more. This is because unlike antiperspirants, natural deodorants do not contain the aluminium that blocks the pores and stops the sweat from escaping. This is nothing to worry about, though, as sweating is a completely natural process, and allows you to regulate your temperature and detoxify your body more easily. 

However, when it comes to sweating, you may also notice a little odour. It’s not actually the sweat that smells - it’s the bacteria that clings to it. As your body is finally getting rid of the waste the antiperspirant has been holding in, you may be a little bit smellier than usual as it is all flushed out. It’s worth reminding yourself that this isn’t your new deodorant not working, it’s just your body trying getting rid of the bacteria that’s making you smelly. 

How long it takes for your body to adapt to the new change is variable, but usually takes around two weeks to a month. However, if you want to speed things up, using clay or charcoal masks or soaps under the pits can help the detoxifying process. Once your body has become used to your new deodorant, you’ll smell and sweat a whole lot less but if it's something you're conscious of, you might want to plan your switch during autumn or winter when you may sweat less to make the transition easier for you and your body. 

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Follow the Application Tips Carefully 

Applying natural deodorants may feel a bit strange if you’ve never done it before, and it can definitely take a bit of getting used to. There’s such a vast selection of natural deodorants out there that recommend applying in different ways, so it’s best to double check the best way to apply your chosen one. We have a detailed step-by-step guide on how to apply the Cacao Pow Deo Bar, including tips for sensitive skin, as well as both shaved and natural armpits. 

Persistence is Key 

Yes you might get a bit smelly, and yes your underarms may get a little damper than usual - but these are all positive signs, and the transitional period won’t last forever. If you ever feel like reverting back to your old deodorant, just remember all the hard work your body has done to flush out the nasty toxins you had been spraying or rolling into your body. In our experiences, the natural deodorant detox is well worth the wait!

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