Our must have skin saviours

Our must have skin saviours

The multi taskers that our skin can't live without. Maybe it's a saviour for dry, irritated skin, your does-it-all holiday favourite or what you reach for everytime you're rummaging through your bag, we all have the one product that's a must-have. Here we share our favourite skin saviours and we hope they can help you too! 

 "My go-to skin saviour is the Geranium and Pathcouli Body Butter from Ezape Naturals. I love the nourishing shea butter base which is super hydrating. The patchouli essential oil is great for treating dry skin and can help calm anxiety or stress. It's complimented by the beautiful floral fragrance of pure geranium essential oil which also has wonderful antioxidant effects. Perfect for spring time when the skin on our bodies is as changeable as the weather" Lolly

"My skin loves balms and oils and when the weather in spring is so changeable, I appreciate the versatility a balm can bring to my skincare routine. I'm currently using InLight Beauty's Deep Moisture Balm. All of InLight's products are really lightweight so even the balms absorb easily into the skin without being greasy - great news when you have a fringe like me!

On warmer days, if I want the balm to feel lighter, I'll add a spritz of facial mist and just a little bit of balm. On colder days I slather my skin in the balm to protect it from the rain and wind. It's also a great dewy base for make up. Basically, there's not much this product can't do!" Karen


"Lyonsleaf's Zinc and Calendula Cream is a true hero for all sorts of skincare fixes such as redness, eczema, a bug bite or blemish. Just about any skin woe that needs a little TLC. I always carry a small pot in my make up bag and have even used on chapped lips, cuticles, a spot or redness as its reparative calendula and potent zinc oxide works immediately. Also a favourite on the facial cart during bespoke facials to treat a variety of skin concerns, including acne. It's true tried and tested skin saviour!" Rebeka

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