9 Winter Skincare Tips

9 Winter Skincare Tips

One of the biggest factors in keeping your skin in good condition is to minimise moisture loss. Moisture loss can leave the skin feeling dry, showing fine lines and looking less plump and radiant. During winter when we're constantly going from hot to cold environments and exposed to wind and rain our skin can become dehydrated more easily contributing to what's called extrinsic ageing so it's important to give your skin barrier a little bit of extra help to maintain those moisture levels in winter. Here are our 9 favourite winter skincare tips.

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Don't confuse dryness and dehydration

It's important not to confuse dehydration with dryness so know your skin type because both dry and oily skin types can experience seasonal dehydration. Dehydrated skin looks flaky and feels tight. Fine dehydration lines can also appear and the skin is less supple. For oily skin types can find that the natural oils in their skin gets trapped under the stratum corneum layer of the skin which can exacerbate breakouts and acne. 

For all skin types experiencing dehydration it's important to help the skin barrier to prevent moisture loss but also help moisturising ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin.

To protect the skin barrier, heavier products and larger molecule ingredients can be used to sit on top of the skin and help the barrier function. Ingredients like hyaluronic and lactic acid can help the skin retain more moisture. To help improve internal skin hydration, look for smaller molecule ingredients and ones that are rich in natural fatty acids. 

Change up your skincare routine

By this we don't mean to go all out with a total beauty regime overhaul but with some small swaps each season you can easily transition your skincare routine according to what your skin needs without spending on lots of new products. Consider richer organic moisturisers, vegan balms, creamy cleansers and luxurious body butters as well as eliminating anything from your skincare routine that will dry it out. For those cosy nights in, treating yourself to a nourishing natural face mask will help boost those moisture levels too. 

If you need some guidance on what to swap, book a free virtual consultation here

Wear an organic sunscreen

Whilst it might not be as sunny in winter, you can still rack up the negative effects of sun and free radical damage which is a common reason for premature ageing, pigmentation and sagging skin. We love natural sunscreens here at Blomma Beauty and in particular Odylique's award winning vegan and organically certified sunscreen which is hypoallergenic, suitable for the whole family and reef safe too. 

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Make friends with facial oils

Leaving an organic face oil to sink into your skin whilst you sleep is a sure fire way to help the internal hydration of your skin as well as adding some luxury to your skincare routine. Oils can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, particularly if you choose a brand the formulates their organic beauty products using small molecule oils, like Bumi Naturals. Their anti-ageing rosehip oil is a dry facial oil that will absorb easily, intensely hydrate, smooth and the best part, won't leave your skin feeling greasy! 

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Mimic your skin barrier with honey

Honey's natural consistency forms a film on the surface layer of your skin, naturally mimicking the skin's barrier and helping it to prevent moisture loss. soapNskin's Honey and Oat balm is a dehydrated skin's saviour. Honey and oats have been used for centuries to heal and protect the skin. Pair that with the balm's anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties and you can slather this on as a cleansing balm or to patches of dry skin to soothe and protect from parched, chapped skin. 

Use Lukewarm Water

If your shower water is too hot, you might end up irritating your dehydrated skin further. It can be tempting in winter to crank up the heat of your bath or shower but as relaxing as we know they are opt for lukewarm water — your skin will thank you.

Keep up your exfoliation

It can be tempting to ditch the scrubs and natural exfoliators when your skin's on show less in winter but as skin gets drier it's important to slough off those dead skin cells to improve circulation and boost your skin's natural glow. Keep up with occasional exfoliation and if skin is feeling tender because it's dry and cracked, switch to a gentler exfoliator. True Skincare's Superfood Exfoliator is really gentle and you can even mix it with one of their certified organic facial oils to add a little hydration boost. 

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Drink Plenty of Water

Let’s get back to basics — the best way you can inject a little extra moisture into your skin is by drinking more water. There are so many advantages to drinking water, not least for your skin — the right amount of water can hydrate it, leaving it plump, with a beautiful glow. So instead of grabbing another cup of tea or coffee, substitute it for water, and get in the habit of hydrating your skin from the inside out.

Take care of your hands

If you forget your gloves on your morning commute, or shun them altogether, your hands can dry out and knuckles and palms become cracked and irritated. Keeping a rich organic hand cream with you like Odylique's Lemon Butter Hand Smoothie or a hand and lip balm like Magic Organic Apothecary's Green Fairy Balm will help your hands stay soft and smooth. 

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