Algae & Seaweed

Algae & Seaweed

Algae is a water dwelling organism which is good at protecting itself from dehydration and sun exposure. It is found on coastal plains and wetlands. Its slimy texture means it is often included as a thickener in emulsions or in gel formulations. 

When algae is applied topically to the skin it helps to minimise moisture loss which is important as we age. Algae keeps the skin soft and supple and each strain of algae provides slightly different cosmetic effects.  

Algae is often grown in a sustainable environment so the beauty industry and other industries that use the organism are not endangering it. Double check with the manufacturer though if you're unsure - you can always reach out to us too on the brands that we stock!

Here we detail the various names of cosmetic ingredients you may come across that are derived from algae. There are thousands of different species of seaweed and algae which vary in colour from blue, red, green and brown. 

Lola Implexa

This is a type of algae which is known to relax muscles.

Algae Powder

A mixture of dried algae that is ground into a powder. 

Seaweed Extract

Otherwise known as: fucus vesiculosus. 

Seaweed extract is really vitamin and mineral rich. It has a high content of iodine and sulfur amino acid which help to soften the skin but also reduce inflammation and help treat acne prone skin due to the anti inflammatory and antibacterial effect on the skin. 

When seaweed extracts reacts with protein, a gel is formed on the skin which helps protect against moisture loss. Combine this with a high silicon content and sunburnt or wrinkled skin can be managed easily. 

INCI Name: Algae Extract

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