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What is safflower and where does it come from?

Safflower is a relative of the sunflower and are typically red and orange flowers. Natural skincare ingredients are mainly extracted from the seeds and petals either as pure oil which can then form the basis of naturally derived safflower ingredients, or as an oil maceration. 

What forms of safflower are there in skincare products?

You may see the following safflower derivatives in your natural beauty products: 

Safflower oil has a light consistency and so can help to deliver nutrients from other ingredients to the skin. You may also see Hybrid Safflower Oil which is a genetically modified version of safflower which contains high concentrations of oleic acid triglyceride. 

Polyglycerol can be derived from safflower's fatty acids and used as an emulsifier.

Potassium safflowerate and sodium safflowerate are used in soap making and cleansing products. 

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What will safflower do for your skin?

Along with moisturising vitamin E, safflower oil contains palmitoleic acid which helps to hydrate and encourage the skin's elasticity. Because of this, safflower can have a tightening effect on the skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles being visible.  There's also a high level of Omega 6 fatty linoleic acid which soothes problematic skin by working in tandem with the skins natural sebum to unclog pores and reduce redness. Then, Omega 9 oleic acid softens skin and boosts radiance.

Generally safflower oil reduces oxidative stress and free radical damage. This prevents the slow down of collagen production and improves the skin's texture and appearance of dark spots. There's also stearic acid naturally present within safflower oil which is a natural preservative, helping to prolong the shelf life of the oil.

What skin types is safflower suitable for?

As safflower is non-comodegenic (non-pore blocking) it can be suitable to many different skin types. Some of our natural beauty brands use it in their formulations because it can help keep oily and combination skin balanced. 

What type of beauty products will you find safflower in?

Because of its softening properties you'll find safflower in moisturisers and haircare products as well as oil-based products like cleansers and face oils. 

What is the INCI Name for safflower?

Carthamus Tinctorius

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