Dr Spiezia | Inlight Beauty

Dr Spiezia | Inlight Beauty

Meet the man behind our purest certified organic skincare brand, Dr Mariano Spiezia, who is co-founder, scientific director and formulator of Inlight Beauty. He's amalgamated his background as a medical doctor, medical herbalist and homeopath and his experience pioneering a detox centre to connect nature with people via organic skincare. 

What was the inspiration for Inlight Beauty?

It has always been my passion to connect nature with people. Our skin is often a
reflection of our inner wellbeing, I wanted to create something that could feed and treat the body from the outside in, using the best nature has to offer.

How long have you been in business?

I first started creating therapeutic ointments for my patients in the late 80s. Along with Loredana, my inspiration and wife, we created the first 100% organic skincare company in the UK in 2001.

What is the story behind your brand name?

Inlight speaks for the light and beauty within all of us. I have formulated this skincare collection to work with the skin rather than only on it so to bring beauty to life.

What is Inlight Beauty's mission?

To ‘feed’ our skin and well-being with the purity and vitality of nature – helping
biodiversity by only ever using 100% organic ingredients, avoiding any unnatural
chemicals and preservatives that would damage the skin and the earth.

What is your most popular product and why?

There are a few most popular products! Our Face Oil has always been most loved. This is a lightweight moisturising oil complex with vanilla and rose buds. This formula stimulates collagen production naturally, balancing the overproduction of sebum and it’s rich in Vitamin E. Excellent everyday product to also protect from pollutants. One of my favourites too.

What’s the best skincare product for dry skin?

Our ranges are suitable for all skin types however for very dry and dull skin I recommend Deep Moisture Balm. For the Body, Body Butter which is very rich and leaves the skin truly feeling like velvet!

What are the best product for sensitive skin?

Our products are very pure and formulated for delicate and sensitive skin. The ointment collection addresses more specific and sensitive areas. We have a range to suit all types of sensitivities, from eczema prone to acne prone including for babies’ skin.

What are the products you’d recommend to someone who is trying the brand for
the first time?

I would always start with the perfect trio: Cleanser, Tonic, Face Oil. The three products have been formulated to work with one another and they are the base for a balanced skincare routine – clean skin is happy skin. The Essential Trio Set includes these in a smaller size perfect as introduction to the range.

What hints/tips do you have for using Inlight Beauty products?

Less is more. The products are water-free and very concentrated, a very small amount really goes a long way. Listen to your skin as it’s intelligent and adapt accordingly.

Do you have any certifications/awards that our customers should be aware of?

We were the first and currently the only 100% Cosmos Organic certified brand across the whole range – we carry the Positive Luxury Butterfly mark for our ongoing sustainability efforts in the industry, and of course we are Cruelty-Free accredited.

What’s next for Inlight Beauty?

I am currently working on a new neck and décolleté product…all will be revealed soon! The feedback from the trials so far is very promising.

How are you standing out from the crowd?

I am very proud to have pioneered the slow beauty and 100% organic movement; It’s great to see more and more consumers and brands alike, celebrating what nature has to offer. The added ‘bonus’ of Inlight Beauty is our bespoke and ‘wholistic’ production methods, which have been scientifically proven to enhance the vitality of ingredients and consequently have a positive effect on
the skin. We continue as a brand to advocate real natural beauty that is most effective and doesn’t cost the earth.

How do you source your skincare ingredients?

All our ingredients/material are sustainably sourced and Cosmos organic certified. We always look at their provenance and partner with likeminded suppliers. Needless to say, that we try and purchase from local suppliers as much as we can.

How are Inlight Beauty's organic skincare products made?

We make everything by hand in our Cornish HQ. Our in-house herbal extractions are the base and the heart of our skincare ranges. Defining slow beauty - Nature doesn’t rush to reach perfection! - our herbal infusions sit on a warm pebble bed for a lunar cycle, soaking up sun and moon energy allowing the herbs and flowers to slowly release their benefits into the oils. When ready the potent botanical mix gets then pressed and filtered again by hand. Included in the production process are some tailored techniques where I fuse ancient alchemy with modern quantum science.

How are you tackling sustainability in the skincare industry?

Sustainability starts from the soil which is why it’s always been so important to me to only choose 100% organic ingredients and sustainably sourced materials – which we have done from day one. Our HQ runs on green energy (which we monitor and set targets for to minimize) and we also plant a tree in our Ecologi forest for every new account made on our website. We offset any extra
emissions yearly. Our business is always in evolution; respect for our skin AND our planet is very much at the forefront of Inlight Beauty.

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