7 Skin Care Tips for Sensitive Skin

7 Skin Care Tips for Sensitive Skin

Top skin care tips for sensitive skin, to keep it nourished, happy, healthy and beautiful

Sensitive skin can be difficult to deal with. While it isn’t a disease you can be diagnosed with, it can be a symptom of another condition. You might have sensitive skin and not know it — at least until you come into contact with a particular product or ingredient that causes trouble. While sensitive skin is rarely serious, it can be annoying and should be treated carefully. Below, we explore seven skin care tips for sensitive skin.

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1. Get to the Root Cause of Your Sensitive Skin

First, get to know your skin. Head to the doctor or dermatologist and find out what’s causing your sensitive skin. It could be any number of things, including Eczema, dry skin, Rosacea, allergic contact dermatitis or irritant contact dermatitis. Understanding what’s going on will help you decide what products to use on your skin.

2. Switch to a Gentle Cleanser

We recommend you opt for a gentle cleanser, like a cream or a balm, which will help keep the skin balanced, while lifting oil and grease away from your skin. We recommend Silvan Skincare Radiance Balm.

3. Use a Soothing Face Mask

Sensitive skin needs a little extra care and attention. Once a week, use a face mask. Our Meadow skincare face mask is great for calming and soothing irritated skin.

4. Don’t Skip Moisturisers

If you have sensitive skin, you may be worried about using more product than necessary. But moisturiser isn’t something you have to miss out on — in fact, it’ll do your skin good. Be wary of essential oils if you have sensitive skin. Opt for a moisturiser that is free of essential oils. We recommend you try Casa Mencarelli Sole e Mare Sea Buckthorn Serum, a light moisturiser that melts beautifully into your skin, without leaving residue.

5. Don’t Rub Skin Dry

Rubbing can irritate skin, leaving it red and raw. Instead, when you get out of the shower, pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

6. Use Lukewarm Water

If your shower water is too hot, you might end up irritating your skin further. Avoid steaming hot showers (as relaxing as we know they are) and opt for lukewarm water — your skin will thank you.

7. Limit Sun Exposure

We’re not telling you to remain indoors and avoid the outside world — but when the sun is blazing, it’s important to care for your skin. Consider wearing a hat to limit sun exposure and use a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Do your research and find one formulated for sensitive skin. Odylique’s sunscreen is hypoallergenic so suitable for sensitive skin.

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