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All make up

Natural make up is notoriously difficult to find but it's also even harder to find natural make up that doesn't flake, slide or wear off before lunch time. That's why we source only the best organic make up from independent brands in the UK like Odylique and BareFaced Beauty.

Odylique make up has been certified organic by The Soil Association and they also have PETA cruelty free accreditation. BareFaced Beauty are certified vegan by the Vegan Society and cruelty free by Leaping Bunny. They also work closely with their mica and mineral mines to ensure that no child labour or unethical practices take place. Both natural and organic make up brands hand make their cosmetics to a high standard by hand in the UK. 

Whichever natural makeup brand you choose you can be assured that what you're wearing on your skin everyday is of exceptional quality. We've tried and tested every single product on our own skin, testing it to a strict criteria. If you want to learn more about natural and organic make up read on and you can also ask us any questions you have via the contact us page 

But what exactly is organic mineral make up? 

Natural mineral make up has become increasingly popular but there are definitely differences in the quality available on the market. In general, mineral make up, uses naturally pigmented minerals to produce cosmetic shades and tones. In non-mineral cosmetics, synthetic dyes will be used which are usually derived from coal tar.

Typically minerals such as iron oxides, silica, mica and talc are used in cosmetics and in organic make up specifically, they're then blended with organically grown butters, oils and waxes as well as some naturally derived dyes. 

When cosmetics are certified organic, vegan or cruelty free, there's also a strict process, not just in relation to the organic ingredients, but also the mineral ones. There is a criteria that brands must meet on purity, ethics and eco friendliness of the minerals in order for the whole product to be certified. 

Why we love organic mineral make up...

First and foremost, natural and organically grown ingredients are produced without the use of genetic modification, herbicides and pesticides which impact wildlife, waterways and limit diversity within eco systems. Silicones, petrochemicals, synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances are also banned from organic cosmetic production so typically, organic cosmetics can suit allergy prone and sensitive skin types.

Natural make up is also a more animal friendly choice. Organic, vegan and cruelty free standards dictate that products are not tested on animals and you won't find animal derived ingredients like cochineal, silk or carmine which give the pink or red tones in mainstream blushers and lipsticks. 

When it comes to the minerals too, they're non comedogenic so won't block your pores and can even help to absorb excess surface oil (sebum) on the skin. Artificial dyes and colours can commonly irritate the skin and are exposed to toxic contamination during the production process. 

How do I know what to look for?

When you're looking for mineral make up, you'll need to consult the INCI list on the product. It's a list of ingredients within the product, listed in order of concentration, highest to lowest, with the exception of colours which are listed last. All colours have a code (CI), then a colour name and number for synthetic colours, whereas mineral colours just have CI and a number. 

But opting for mineral make up in general doesn't guarantee those high quality, pure pigments found in cosmetics produced to organic standards and mainstream mineral cosmetics can still contain harmful heavy metals in them as well as animal derived ingredients. Just because the minerals themselves are used to colour the products versus synthetic dyes, doesn't mean that the rest of the ingredients aren't questionable. So look for cosmetics that also list organic ingredients within the formulation and any organic certification that may have. 

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