How to Apply Natural Deodorant 

How to Apply Natural Deodorant 

The recent upsurge in development of natural deodorants has been a blessing for those who want to keep their skincare regime as organic as possible, without compromising on quality. Even better is that Cacao Pow’s Deo Bar is suitable for everyone looking to introduce a natural deodorant into their routine - they’ve ditched the essential oils, perfect for even the most sensitive of skin. 

Making the switch to the Deo Bar could seem a bit daunting after using sprays or rollerball deodorants for so long, but together with Cacao Pow’s founder, Tonya, we’ve devised an easy step-by-step guide on how to apply your Deo Bar perfectly every single time.

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Applying Cacao Pow’s Deo Bar: A Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Unwrap the bar.
  2. After having a hot bath or shower, create a paste in the palm of your hand by drawing circles with the bar up to 20 times, and apply to dry, clean skin. Alternatively, you can hold the bar to your armpit for around 10 seconds, and allow the product to melt at your body temperature before applying directly to your skin.
  3. Smooth, hair-free armpits require you to smooth the product directly into your skin, as if you were applying skincare. For natural armpits, leave the product to sink in. If you have sensitive skin, avoid applying on the day of shaving.
  4. It is recommended that you apply the deo bar before you go to bed -  so that the product lasts all day, and will continue to work even after showering.
  5. As this product works hard even after a wash, you don’t need to apply every day - every other day works best.
  6. Store the unwrapped bar in the jar provided.

It’s important that if you experience any kind of reaction that you discontinue use. If application feels sore, wash off immediately - while the product will still work as a deodorant, hopefully the soreness will disappear.

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