Woman putting facial moisturiser with natural, hydrating ingredients.

How to Hydrate Skin in Five Simple Steps

Woman's hands under her face, rubbing moisturiser into her skin, showing how to hydrate your skin.

Is your skin becoming dry and desperate for moisture? Here's how to hydrate skin in no time at all.

Dry skin can be incredibly frustrating — and it’s also something you should address as soon as possible. Though usually harmless, dry skin can lead to redness, eczema and inflammation, which can be hard to cover up even with the right makeup. Thankfully, as skincare experts, we’ve done the research for you and we’re happy to share how to hydrate skin quickly and effectively.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Let’s get back to basics — the best way you can inject a little extra moisture into your skin is by drinking more water. There are so many advantages to drinking water, not least for your skin — the right amount of water can hydrate it, leaving it plump, with a beautiful glow. So instead of grabbing another cup of tea or coffee, substitute it for water, and get in the habit of hydrating your skin from the inside out.

2. Use Face Masks Regularly

Give your dry skin the special attention it deserves and use regular, natural face masks. Pick a face mask with gentle ingredients. We recommend applying a face mask at least once a week — make it part of your relaxing Friday night routine, or meet up with a friend for a weekly home spa night.

3. Pick the Right Cleanser

If none of your attempts to hydrate your skin are working, you might want to question what kind of cleanser you are using. Face washes sometimes wash away the hydration your skin needs. Look for a gentle cleanser with moisture-retaining ingredients, like hyaluronic acid or glycerin — such ingredients are great at calming irritated skin.

4. Use a Natural Moisturiser with Hydrating Ingredients

Not all moisturisers are created equal! You will need an effective facial moisturiser with natural, hydrating ingredients Look for ingredients like avocado, hemp, shea and rosehip oil. Your skin will be looking fresh and hydrated in no time. Odylique's Avocado Cream is our best organic moisturiser for dry skin. 

5. Apply Moisturiser to Damp Skin

The type of moisturiser you use matters, but when you apply it is hugely important. Moisturisers are most effective when applied to damp skin. This is because damp skin absorbs the product more effectively, giving the skin a chance to lock in all that hydration.

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