Keeping your beauty products fresh & hygienic

Keeping your beauty products fresh & hygienic

The Sun newspaper recently quoted our founder Karen's advice about how to keep your beauty products clean and hygienic. With Covid-19 making lots of us reconsider how clean our homes and possessions are, it's shining a light on some rather dirty habits we might have when it comes to our organic beauty products.

Karen said: "There’s also no point in putting all that effort into weekly and monthly cleaning to put your products away in a grubby make up bag.

"Buy one that can be wiped clean or put in the washing machine and give your whole make up bag a regular cleaning overhaul, so it stays fresh and bacteria free" 

To continue this important conversation, Karen is talking to Imogen from natural skincare brand UK Bumi Naturals about how to ensure your organic beauty products are as hygienic and bacteria free as possible. 

  • We define 'Period After Opening' and 'Best Before End' for your natural beauty products and tell you which symbols to spot to know if your natural skincare is in date and safe to use
  • We share our perspectives on why and how we ensure the natural beauty products we sell to you are fresh, potent and haven't been sitting on shelves for months on end
  • We discuss why we believe using fresher, shorter shelf life natural skincare is better than synthetically preserved products and the benefits for your skin
  • We talk about balancing the need for sustainable packaging with hygiene preservation
  • We share our top tips on how to keep your products fresh and hygienic for as long as possible to avoid waste and damaging your skin


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