Odylique Organic Sunscreen - 8 Reasons Why We Love It

Odylique Organic Sunscreen - 8 Reasons Why We Love It

One of the most daunting natural beauty switches can be sunscreens. They're notoriously difficult to formulate and nobody wants that white undertone when you're trying to get your daily dose of vitamin D out in the sunshine. Here's why we think Odylique makes the best natural sunscreen

odylique organic mineral sunscreen

It's a mineral sunscreen

First off, Odylique's suncream is a natural mineral sunscreen, meaning there are no synthetic chemicals within the formulation including synthetic UV filters. Instead, Odylique harness the natural UV protecting properties of karanja and zinc to give you sun protection without the synthetics. 

It's got UVA and UVB protection

This is what's called broad spectrum and will give you a lot of protection when you're out in the sun. The UVA rating is 14.5 and the UVB rating is 30

It won't leave your skin white

Some traditional sun blocks and natural sunscreens tend to have this white, dulling effect on the skin making it obvious you're wearing a hefty layer of cream on the surface of your skin. We've tried our fair share of natural suncreams and can confirm you won't look too chalky. Don't believe us, check out our reviews

odylique suncream review

organic suncream review

It's vegan

In our experience lots of natural suncreams use beeswax which isn't ideal if you're vegan. If you're looking for a vegan sunscreen that doesn't use hoeny or beeswax, Odylique is a good way to go because it uses candelilla wax instead. 

It's hypoallergenic 

Whether you've got skin that's sensitive to most synthetic or mainstream sunscreens, or you're looking for an organic sunscreen that is suitable for use on babies and children, Odylique's suncream ticks all the boxes. 

It's eco friendly and reef safe

There's no point using organic ingredients which protect biodiversity and wildlife on the land if your natural suncream is going to cause harm to reefs and ocean life. 

organic sunscreen on sandy beach with sunhat, sunglasses and coverup

It's certified

Odylique were the first brand to have their sunscreen organically certified and approved by the Fairtrade Foundation! Both certifications bring much needed transparency to consumers on how their suncare and beauty products are made both in terms of people and planet. Plus, it's certified as cruelty free by PETA.

It allows your skin to breathe

Because it's an organic and mineral sunscreen your skin is able to breathe. This is ideal if you suffer from prickly heat. 

It's nanoparticle free

Nanoparticles can't be seen by the human eye and when used in skincare products like sunscreen may be able to penetrate the skin. It's not yet known the long term affects of nanoparticles on your body's cells so legally you have to declare on the INCI list if your formulation contains nanoparticles. Natural beauty brands like Odylique who are certified by COSMOS and The Soil Association, who don't allow nanoparticles, are erring on the side of caution when it comes to taking care of our skin. 

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