Our favourite Spring skincare

Our favourite Spring skincare

With spring in full bloom, we're switching up our skincare routines ready for the warmer weather. Read on to see what's on our shopping list...

lolly from blomma beauty

 "My spring skincare favourite is Silvan   Skincare's Rejuvenate Face Cream. It's light   enough for the warmer weather and sits   beautifully under my make up whilst  still hydrating my skin as it absorbs so well. I also really enjoy the beautiful fragrance of of the rose geranium and frankincense organic essential oils which are both really beneficial ingredients for more mature skin like mine!" Lolly




rebeka blomma beauty
"April typically means spring (and daffodils!) here in London. And it's a change of season, so, for me, that means a look at my skincare routine to see what may need tweaking. I tend to feel a strong desire for a deep and gentle scrub and one of my favourite products to do this with is Coraline's Luminous Lavender Bliss Cleansing Balm. A great oil balm based cleanser suitable for both men and women, it's natural, organic ingredients deep cleanse, moisturise and protect the skin's barrier plus blue spirulina gives a lovely gentle scrub. It's a gorgeous blue colour and has a natural, fresh lavender scent that is pure bliss. Here's to happy spring skincare!" Rebeka
karen macdonald blomma beauty founder

"I'll be wearing my birkenstocks the minute the sun is shining so I need to get my winter feet ready to go on show. This spring I've treated myself to a pot of the Lyonsleaf Foot Balm because the smell of lemongrass makes me think of warmer days. It's not just the smell but the ingredients like coconut oil, marshmallow extract and beeswax that deeply hydrate and also protect your skin from moisture loss, making it your best friend when it comes to dry cracked heels and unloved cuticles. The balm texture feels really luxurious and you can just rub a little on to specific dry patches or slather it all over with some socks before bed to wake up the next day with truly transformed toes and feet" Karen


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