The best natural hair products for your hair type

The best natural hair products for your hair type

Our pick of the best natural hair products

Switching over to all natural products is a process. Some products will work for you right off the bat and sometimes you spend months or years trying to find the best natural replacement. One category that's particularly tricky is natural haircare products. Everyone's hair is so different in terms of texture, colour, length and that can also change depending on the weather, how far you are away from wash day, hormones and stress levels. 

To help, we've summarised the best all natural hair care products split into 3 categories; cleanse, conditioning and treatments, to help you take care of your hair naturally and to help you build your natural hair care routine. 

Best natural shampoos

For sensitive scalps...

Whether it's a dry, flaky scalp, an itch you can't quite satisfy or you've got sensitivity to ingredients in certain hair care products, choosing a shampoo that's suitable for sensitive skin can be tricky. First up in our recommendations is Kind2's Sensitive Shampoo bar because not only is it nice and eco friendly, but it is fragrance free and barely has any lather so your scalp won't be stripped of its natural oils, one of the culprits when it comes to flaking. 

If you can't quite get to grips with shampoo bars and prefer a liquid shampoo, why not try Odylique's Gentle Herb Shampoo which is their all time best selling product and comes highly rated for all manner of sensitivities including dermatitis and eczema. Don't just take our word for it, our customer Meg gives it a 5 star review

5 star review of odylique gentle herb shampoo

For textured, curly or kinky hair...

Curls, kinks and texture need altogether different treatment than straighter hair types. Here we summarise our moisture packed shampoos that will give your curls a new lease of life.

UpCircle Beauty have made waves in the beauty industry by saving food industry byproduct ingredients from landfill that are packed full of benefits for our skin and hair. In 2023 they launched their first hair care products and their refillable shampoo concentrate was soon a bestseller for all hair types but it was Top Sante magazine that recognised it as particularly fabulous for wavy hair, voting it the best for afro/textured hair in the annual hair care awards.

For dry or coloured hair...

Sometimes our hair needs a moisture surge whether it's the weather, our hair type or from using hair dyes and bleaches. Natural hair care products are formulated with plant oils and butters so can be your best friend if you've got dry, damaged or frizzy hair. 

Another shampoo that cuts the mustard is Kind2's Hydrating Shampoo Bar which is suitable for dry and coloured hair. It's infused with shea, hemp seed and macadamia oils to restore moisture and leave your hair soft, silky and smooth. For the lavender lovers, you might like to try Odylique's Lavender Shampoo which is one of our most popular organic hair treatment products because it includes strengthening ingredients like horsetail and coconut extracts. 

For oily scalps...

Having an oily scalp can be a total nightmare. It's itchy, feels heavy and your hair can look like it needs washing eventhough you've just shampooed it. Bringing back balance to an oily scalp is super important so it's essential to find a shampoo that doesn't strip it. Our two favourite shampoos for oily scalp are: Odylique's Tea Tree and Herb Shampoo and Kind2's Rebalancing Shampoo Bar

The tea tree and herb is ideal if you've got an oily scalp that can also get a little itchy or irritated as it's essentially a similar formulation to Odylique's Gentle Herb shampoo with added tea tree to help clarify the scalp. If you've got long, thick or you simply want a SLS free shampoo that's still slightly foamy (thanks to a coconut derived sulphate) then the Kind2 one is your go-to. 

Best natural hair conditioners...

When it comes to our natural conditioners we have three options that all provide the nourishment your hair needs. Below is what we love each of them for:

  • Odylique Conditioner and Detangler which is suitable for all hair types but is particularly good for hair prone to tangles. There are plenty of amazing ingredients in this conditioner; Prebiotic chicory helps to balance the skin microbiota, contributing to a healthy-looking scalp; Aloe vera juice locks moisture in to the hair follicle; Shea butter gently smooths your hair without making it greasy and sea buckthorn, avocado and coconut oils strengthens. Its rich creamy texture also make a great hair masque and it comes in two options, moisturising or sensitive depending on your needs.
  • Kind2 Conditioner Bar is your plastic free, zero waste option but, unlike so many eco haircare products, poor product performance isn't something you just have to put up with for the sake of the planet. The blend of coconut and cocoa butter combined with macadamia and argan oils but no additional fragrance means even the most sensitive scalp can grow beautifully soft hair and still go plastic free. The bar lasts a really long time so you definitely get your moneys worth. As you have to move the bar through your hair, it's better suited to fine to medium hair thickness. 
  • Upcircle Conditioner Creme is the best all rounder for boosting shine, lustre, moisture and hardiness against breakage. Its light weight, silky texture and divine smell from the scent of rosemary, lavender, peppermint and orange makes it a joy to use. Even better is that you can refill it in store! 

Best Natural Hair Treatments

Every now and again we need to give our hair a little boost. Choosing one of these luxurious treatments can improve the look and feel of your locks. 

To naturally colour your hair...

For us, there's only one at-home natural hair dye that works and that's why our customers come back to us time and again for It's Pure Organic Hair Dye which comes in a wide range of shades and, thanks to herbal extracts like henna, amla and cassia, is 100% natural and certified organic. Not only will greys be covered but your natural hair structure remains unchanged and every strand conditioned. 

To keep on top of frizz and dullness...

Hair oils are the perfect multi functional hair treatment because you can use them on dry or wet hair and as a full scalp treatment. It's difficult to choose which is our favourite between Bowe Organics Versatile Hair Oil or Inlight Beauty's Hair Elixir because they both condition, smooth and boost shine. If you like frankincense, chamomile and lavender then opt for the Bowe oil which has a slightly heavier texture and if you like a more herbaceous scent from rosemary, ginger and sage choose Inlight which is a slightly lighter weight oil. 

To clarify the scalp...

Sometimes our scalp can feel a little heavy or become bogged down with residue from styling products. Using It's Pure Pre-Colour Treatment can give your scalp the the deep cleanse it needs. It's also a great idea to use this together with the It's Pure Hair Colour ahead of dyeing your hair to ensure the dye bonds to the hair. 

To revitalise your hair...

If you like a really rich, thick hair mask, Haoma's Hair Revitaliser is the deepest treatment that we offer. It's an indulgent combination of certified organic Coconut Oil, Palmarosa, Thyme, and Cedarwood essential oils that restores moisture to dry hair, nourishes the scalp, and rejuvenates the locks. It's best suited to very dry, damaged hair or textured, curly or kinky hair types. 

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