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What to expect from a facial at Blomma Beauty

Facials Using Natural Skincare Products in London

Our facials are bespoke, meaning our facialists select skincare products best suited for your skin on that day.  Products are natural and from a curated selection of small independent UK brands. Most are vegan and cruelty free, full of skin loving ingredients and freshly handmade. 

Before of your appointment you’ll receive a pre-treatment form to complete. This is best completed ahead of time so that maximum time is spent on relaxing. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by one of the team and checked in. Our facials take place in a comfortable reclining chair in an open plan shop. The facial area is partitioned off by a screen and we have one facialist chair so you will be the only person at your scheduled appointment time receiving a facial.  If booking for more than one person, you will need to book back-to-back appointments.

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Our most popular, the 40 minute Replenish facial includes:


Deep cleansing

Once your Blomma facialist has ensured you are comfortable and discussed your skin and any specific concerns, they will deep cleanse your face.  Choosing from a selection of natural cleansers, they will remove face make-up and dirt while evaluating your skin. This process may be repeated for a 2nd cleanse with the same or a different cleanser to ensure the skin is thoroughly cleansed. Cleanser will be removed with warm mitts.

Gentle Exfoliation

In this step, your Blomma facialist will start to remove dead skin cells that naturally build up and can cause dryness, clog pores and keep moisturisers and serums from working properly. 

If your skin is feeling quite congested or you have not had a facial in quite some time, you may want to consider our longer 60 minute Restore facial which includes a longer manual exfoliation process with application, gentle scrubbing and the careful removal of a selected grainy exfoliator. There are a variety of grain textures available from super fine to more gritty but all extremely gentle for even the most sensitive of skin and all from natural biodegradable sources such as bamboo powder, castor oil beads or apricot and hibiscus powders.

lady with brown hair having a face mask with eye patches on


Having assessed your skin, your Blomma facialist will choose a mask that will best support your skin. There are a selection of natural masks available to your facialist such as a clay-based mask to combat excess oiliness, an intensely hydrating one to treat dryness or a Fruit AHA Mask to further exfoliate.  You will rest comfortably for up to 5 minutes while the mask works its magic. It is removed with warm mitts.


A natural oil or serum will be selected and massaged into the face, and possibly also the neck and shoulders. The massage is designed to aid deep relaxation and create a sense of peace and wellbeing. Your Blomma facialist may focus on areas where there is tension or stagnation in your skin. Face massage has the added benefit of promoting skin elasticity and circulation. Your facialist will check in to make sure you are comfortable with the pressure but also please let them know if you would like a softer or firmer massage or if at any point, you are uncomfortable.

We often get asked if it is ok to use face oils on oily skin on skin with acne? It seems counterintuitive but the answer is 'Yes'. Your Blomma facialist will select an oil or serum that is best suited for your skin type and there are many fast-absorbing, non pore-clogging oils that suit oily skin. If you don’t add moisture to your skin, it’ll over-produce, creating more oil so the key is to find the right way of moisturising, hydrating and protecting your skin. 


After the massage, a moisturiser will be selected and applied to lock in moisture and a further application may be added such as a targeted spot treatment, eye cream or lip balm.  Lastly, a natural SPF 30 will be applied if the facial is completed during daylight hours. 

The facial is now finished and at this point, your Blomma facialist may also offer you advice about how to care for your skin in the longer term, as well as give you facial aftercare advice and answer any questions you may have.

A note about extractions

Please note we do not offer extractions. Extractions can damage your pores and spread bacteria, making the skin worse instead of better.  We believe extraction necessity is best determined and performed by a qualified dermatologist.  We have an organic spot treatment for active breakouts and find consistent cleansing, exfoliation and moisturising are gentler and more effective, although definitely less immediate.

The 30 minute Revive facial includes Deep cleansing, Mask, a shorter in length Massage and Moisturise steps.

The 20 minute Refresh facial includes Deep cleaning, a shorter in length Massage and Moisturise steps.

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