Your top 8 organic beauty questions answered

Your top 8 organic beauty questions answered

We receive so many questions from our lovely customers about organic skincare here at Blomma Beauty that we thought we'd share them on our blog so everyone can find the best organic beauty products for them. 

From the basics like what does certified organic beauty mean, to finding the perfect organic soap, below you'll find answers to our top 4 organic beauty questions we've not answered before on our blog as well as useful links to some of our most read content to help you answer the questions you've got about natural, organic skincare.

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organic beauty products for sensitive skin

Best organic skincare for sensitive skin

This question comes up the most as so many people are opting for an organic skincare routine because their skin has reacted to synthetic products and with a long, often unrecognisable list of ingredients it's hard to pinpoint the exact cause of their skin's reaction. By using recognisable plant and often food based ingredients found in natural and organic beauty products you might find that you can safely use skincare without the fear of a flare up. 

That being said, using natural and organic skincare on your sensitive skin isn't without its risks as many naturally derived ingredients like essential oils or plant based preservatives can still cause a reaction. That's why for our customers with the most sensitive skin, we like to recommend products and brands that have been specifically formulated for your skin type. 

One brand in particular that we recommend is Casa Mencarelli which is formulated by Lucia Mencarelli specifically for sensitive skin types. This is because Lucia suffers from multiple chemical sensitivity herself so she created a line of skincare that truly worked for her. She's now helping others with her pure, essential oil and fragrance free certified organic products. When products for sensitive skin are made by people who also suffer from sensitivities we truly believe it makes a huge difference to how effective they are for people's skin. You can read more about Lucia's story here and discover her best selling Tomato Night Cream/Cleanser below. 

Where can I buy organic make up?

This one's pretty tricky as organic make up is often hard to find. We're lucky to work with Odylique who have a range of certified organic make up that also includes a lot of fair trade ingredients. Often organic mineral make up can be problematic as some mineral pigments aren't very sustainably sourced or use animal derived ingredients to give different shades and colours. Luckily Odylique make up is certified cruelty free by PETA so you can be reassured it's one of the best organic make up brands out there. 

What is the best organic soap? 

Not all soaps are created equal and simply switching to a soap bar that says it's made with natural or organic ingredients can be a one way ticket to being greenwashed. Soap making is a complicated business that takes years to refine so we advise finding an organic soap brand that has specific soap making expertise. This is because some brands buy a soap base off the shelf and simply add their own blend of essential oils to it to fragrance it without truly understanding the full ingredients list of their product. There's also a whole host of preservatives and anti-chelating ingredients that are synthetic so you could be led to believing you're buying a pure organic soap which is in fact made with synthetic ingredients. 

One of the standout brands for us is Coraline Skincare because founder Kevin is a true soap enthusiast. He worked on his soap making skills for several years perfecting his craft before launching his range of handmade organic soaps. His commitment to the highest standards in soap making is truly inspiring. He sources the best ingredients he can find and if they're not good enough he uses his own essential oil production machinery to create his own essential oils rather than buying sub-par off the shelf. You can read more about Kevin's story here and discover his best selling organic lavender soap below. 

What are the best cruelty free AND organic skincare brands?

Organic beauty and wellbeing often goes hand in hand with sustainability and strong ethics so pretty much all of our customers are looking for products that are cruelty free. It just doesn't make sense to grow high quality ingredients organically to help preserve and protect nature and biodiversity to then test the finished product on an animal. 

Luckily in the EU regulations on animal testing are pretty stringent and there's also a few third party bodies like PETA and Leaping Bunny who independently verify a brand and product's cruelty free credentials. At Blomma Beauty we generally only stock brands from the UK or the EU so all of our products are cruelty free according to the regulations. Where products come from further afield we make stringent checks to ensure no animal cruelty has taken place throughout the supply chain. 

We also have a number of brands who have invested in the third party accreditation to give you that extra peace of mind. Below you'll find a selection of our certified cruelty free beauty products. There's a mixture here of fully certified organic products and some that are made with natural and organic ingredients. If you're looking for fully cruelty free and organic certified products, take a look at the Terre Verdi, Mini Bloom, Odylique and Codex Beauty ranges. 

Organic Beauty FAQs

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