avocado oil natural skincare ingredient

What is avocado and how is it used in natural skincare products? 

Avocado is a fruit with a high fat content and lots of nutritional benefits for your body and your skin. Typically avocado is found as an oil in natural skincare which comes from crushing the central seed of ripe avocados. You can spot a high quality avocado oil by the greenish tint and natural botanical fragrance.

It's a carrier oil so is a stabilising ingredient that's frequently used to help active substances be transported into the skin because it has a high penetration rate.

What are the properties of avocado oil and how will they benefit skin? 

Avocado oil is a triglyceride which is an emollient that helps replenish the skin and prevent moisture loss. It contains many fatty acids such as omega 3 and 9 as well as palmitic acid which makes it a very effective moisturiser. Avocado oil is particularly good at combating the effects of light over or under exposure and is ranked highly by the Encylopedia of Chemical Technology for sun screening versus other plant oils.

It's great on dark circles (Vitamin K), but also minimising the damage caused by the sun (Vitamin PP). Not only this but it contains phytosterols, a plant compound similar to cholesterol, which may minimise the slowing down of collagen production which happens as we age. Then there's also vitamins A, D and E and carotinoids. 

What skin types is avocado suitable for?

Avocado oil is helpful to oily or blemished skin and can also soothe sensitive skin. 

What type of skin and bodycare products will you find avocado in?

Because avocado oil is great all round skincare ingredient because it is very stable, you'll find it in creamy cleansers, hydrating moisturisers, bath oils, lipsticks and body products due to its moisturising and bactericidal (bacteria killing) properties. 

What is the INCI Name for avocado? 

The INCI name for avocado is persea gratissima

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