What is baobab and where does it come from? 

The baobab is a tree that's grown in Africa, Australia and sometimes Asia. It bears a green skinned, oval shaped fruit which is used in organic and natural beauty products. 

How is baobab used in organic and natural beauty products?

The oil from the seed is most often used in natural beauty products but it can also be found as an extract or a powder that's taken from the pulp, seed and leaves of the fruit.

What properties does baobab have?

Baobab has a very high level of vitamin C and has emollient and smoothing properties. It's also known to improve the skin's elasticity to help keep your skin supple and toned. A high proportion of the seed is oil when pressed and contains linoleic and oleic acids which help to moisturise and soften your skin as well as prevent moisture loss. 

Which skin types is baobab suited to? 

With its strong moisture retaining properties and the high amounts of linoleic acid, a natural component of sebum, baobab can be suitable for all skin types but particularly for those with acne prone or problematic complexions. 

Baobab can be found in Nom Nom's Pregnancy Stretch Butter to help improve your skin's elasticity as your bump grows as well as Codex's Bia Facial Oil which you can wear day or night to keep skin smooth and hydrated.

What is the INCI name for baobab?

Adansonia digitata

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The Health Benefits of Baobab
Milady Skincare & Cosmetics Ingredients Dictionary
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