Mineral rich clay is most often used in masks because it has a plethora of skincare benefits but you may also see it as an ingredient for natural dental care products. It is incredibly detoxifying as the clay is very absorbent so impurities are drawn away from the skin without clogging pores. With clarifying and anti-inflammatory properties, your skin will be gently balanced and cell turnover encouraged for a soft and glowing complexion. 

Clay is processed by being left to dry naturally in the sun. It is then crushed and purified. Only the finest grain of clay is used for beauty products. 

There are many different types of clay including Moroccan Atlas Rhassoul which is a volcanic clay named after the Arabic word for washing, and Fullers Earth Clay which is a type of bentonite clay (calcium bentonite) named after the largest source of this type of clay found at Fort Benton in the USA. It's found all over the world though and Fullers Earth is from the UK. 

It's important not to let clay completely dry onto the skin as it will begin to extract moisture leaving the complexion dry and blotchy. Also, we advise against using a metal scoop to dispense and measure out a clay based powder mask because it affects the ions within and any skincare benefits will be voided. 

Otherwise known as: solum fullonum (fuller's earth)

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