What are rosehips 

Rosehips are the seed pod of wild rose bushes. They are often picked by hand and cold pressed 

You'll mostly find rosehip as an oil in natural skincare products but it can also be found in powder form too.  

What will rosehip do for your skin?

Rosehips are such a useful natural skincare ingredient and pretty much take complete care of your skin. They are rich in antioxidants like lycopene and essential fatty acids which nourish, rejuvenate and help the skin retain moisture. There's also bioflavanoids which are a complex of Vitamin P and helps to keep blood vessel walls and skin healthy. 

Rosehip oil is naturally astringent so is a good skincare ingredient for evening and balancing skin tone. And with its high levels of vitamin A and natural retinoic acid it can help target the first signs of ageing. High in essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, linoleic acid to boost the youthful qualities of your skins texture and appearance. There's also vitamin C which can provide brightening benefits for your skin. 

What skin types is rosehip suitable for?

Rosehip is generally suited to all skin types including neutral, dry, oily and ageing skin because of its balancing and moisturising properties. 

What type of skincare products will you find rosehip in?

Because of the many anti-ageing properties rosehip possesses you'll find it in natural skincare products like moisturisers, face oils and eye creams. There are also some UV-protecting protecting properties so you might also find it in natural sunscreens too. 

Rosehip extract powder in natural exfoliators because of its natural abrasive properties which help to remove dead skin cells gently. 

What is the INCI name for rosehip?

Rosa canina, rosa eglanteria

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