wheatgrass skincare ingredient


shoots of wheatgrass

What is Wheatgrass and where does it come from?

Wheatgrass is the youngest form of grass shoots of the wheat plant, it is packed full of essential nutrients.  Exactly how it sounds; wheatgrass is a long green grass, grown in the temperate climate of Europe and some areas of the United States. 

How is wheatgrass used in organic and natural beauty products?

Known widely as a green leafy juice, internally digested, wheatgrass extract can also be used on the skin in organic beauty products. A superfood and considered one of the world’s “natural treasures”.

Which skin types is wheatgrass suited to?

The natural anti-ageing properties of wheatgrass help rejuvenate cells, take care of sagging skin, maintain skin elasticity and keep you looking younger. Find it in natural cleansing products.

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