@veganbeautygrace's Veganuary 2022 Beauty Edit

@veganbeautygrace's Veganuary 2022 Beauty Edit

Discover @veganbeautygrace's Favourite Vegan Skincare Products

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After discovering the Blomma Beauty store via social media, I was very intrigued to go and visit the store and discover more about the brand’s ethos and values. I love the concept of having a one stop destination for all things natural, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics and it's in a prime London location only a five minute walk from Kings Cross. I think my favourite part about the Blomma Beauty store, is that it’s stocked full of ranges from independent businesses and offers a stunning collection of natural beauty, health and wellbeing products. Blomma Beauty have consciously curated a selection of cosmetics that meet the increased demand for ethical beauty. What’s also great, is that they’ve completed the hard work for you by searching for those undiscovered brands.

Blomma Beauty has built up individual relationships with each supplier to learn more about their products and the manufacturing processes. They always rigorously check products, to guarantee they are all ethical and appropriate and that they uphold Blomma Beauty values and align with what they stand for. As a consumer, this makes me feel confident when making any purchase from the store and there’s also a feel-good factor about deciding to shop beauty more mindfully. At Blomma Beauty you’ll find a variety of services to help you start your conscious journey. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the benefits of natural skincare and why this might work for you. Or you want to delve into the product ingredients in more detail to find products which are suitable for your skin.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert when it comes to skincare. You can be a complete beginner because the team at Blomma Beauty are here to help you find something that you’ll love and that works best for your skin. If you already have your regular skincare regime but you’re looking to switch up some of your products for more ethical ones. Blomma Beauty offer a skincare switching service, which helps you to find ethical vegan replacements, suitable for your everyday routine. This makes things a lot easier and less of a challenge.

In my experience, it can take a while to complete the small steps towards having a fully vegan makeup and skincare kit.  It took me a lot of time to properly research vegan beauty ranges that work well and then to switch from all of the non-vegan products I used to love, to these more conscious and ethical ones.  Don’t underestimate how much of an impact we can all have as individual consumers, if we make this lifestyle change to be more careful about our purchasing habits, it’s definitely worth all the effort.  The best part about this is the feel-good factor you get after making these changes. For example, if you decide to shop from an independent business or a sustainable one rather than a global chain, this has a short and longer term positive impact.  Everyone is in a different position and switching totally may not be possible for some but however big or small the change you make actually is, it’s about doing what you can, when you can, to contribute towards the collective good. Even bringing your beauty products back to the shop to recycle will have the right impacts and make you feel good at the same time.

I have developed an enthusiasm for discovering new vegan beauty products and then being able to share them with my followers, whether this be creating content or writing blogs. I’m an advocate for vegan beauty which is accessible to everyone and demonstrates how kind beauty can be made simple.

I wanted to create my own Veganuary 2022 Beauty Edit, to give you a little more information about some of the beauty brands available at Blomma Beauty. I’m sharing details of some of the products I’ve recently discovered and why I think they’re fab.

Silvan Skincare Vegan Facial and Body Balms

Silvan Skincare offer a range of facial and body balms which are enriched with organic shea butter, plant oils, natural infusions and essential oils. If you’re looking for something gentle but effective, these balms are perfect in order to nourish, calm and treat your skin. I love using these as an addition to my evening skincare regime.

The sleep balm is absolutely packed with lavender and chamomile to help nourish, soothe and relax. If you have dry/sensitive skin it also contains apricot oil, which is a gentle organic oil suitable for everyday use. I find this works well with my bedtime routine by helping me to relax and also look after my skin overnight. They offer a variety of balms to choose from to target skincare concerns or problem areas.

They also have an award winning balm called the Mama’s Balm. This is enriched with organic shea butter, plant oils and calendula. This is perfect for stretch marks or dry patches on the body. It has ultra- nourishing papaya and mandarin to heal and protect. This helps to soothe and condition your skin, especially during the colder months. These balms are affordable and very effective and I recommend checking out the full collection, if you’re looking for a skin treat.  

Silvan Skincare are committed to buying ingredients that are environmentally friendly and as natural as possible. All products are made in Wales and they’re leaping bunny and vegan society approved. The balms also come in plastic free packaging, a glass container with an aluminium lid, which is recyclable or reusable.

Bowe Organics - Lash and Brow Oil 

The next beauty brand I’ve recently become obsessed with is Bowe Organics. They’re an award winning natural and organic brand, who specialise in haircare and skincare products. 

If you’re looking for some tlc for your brows and lashes, then look no further!

Bowe Organics offer a high quality and ethically sourced oil, enriched with organic and natural ingredients. The brow oil delivers instant results by nourishing and strengthening the brows and hair follicles. If you have sparse brows and want to them to be thicker this acts a great overnight conditioner.  It’s formulated with castor oil, vitamin e and black seed oil. This really helps to strengthen and protect your brows while also improving the length. If you’re like me and use a lot of makeup products on your brows like soap or pomade. This provides a good way of nourishing the brows and keeping them looking healthy and defined.  

The lash oil is formulated with vitamin e, rose hip oil, castor oil and jojoba oil. These ingredients are great for instantly adding hydration to the brows and for improving the hair growth. This is a deeply nourishing treatment for enhancing your lashes, making them look longer and healthier. I find jojoba oil to be a perfect addition when it comes to conditioning the lashes. It’s also enriched with Vitamins A, D & E to enhance moisture and will absorb into the skin and hair follicles. 

These are two perfect products if you’re looking for a good treatment to use at home and deliver salon results. Bowe Organics is also vegan society approved and a woman owned business. They have some great innovative products and I recommend checking out more from the brand.


Next is an innovative brand called OLIXA who have created a variety of skincare products which are uniquely formulated for multI-purpose use.  If you’re looking for a range which is easy and effective, they offer sustainable products which are formulated with the world’s most potent natural ingredients. 

Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser is an innovative product which features a very interesting ingredient called kakadu plum, which is harvested in Australia and known to be one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C.  This cleanser also contains natural AHAs and phenolic acid to leave the skin with a brighter looking appearance and smoother texture. It also contains eucalyptus oil which is a great anti-bacterial agent, ideal for anyone who has the occasional breakout. This product has been formulated with most skin types in mind and can be used for both your AM and PM routine.  This is a really incredible product and very effective if you’re busy and on the go. 

Finally, Olixa’s latest product, which I’m so excited to share details with you about, is the Mushroom Facial Mist. This launched only a couple of months ago but is proving to be a game changer for my skincare prep.  It features reishi and shitake mushrooms that contain ingredients which increase skin cell renewal, skin texture and provide antioxidant protection. You can use the mist before you apply your make up or you can use it throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated.

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